Ted Cruz has it right with his E.L.C.H.A.P.O. idea.

Jun 2018
South Dakota
What better way to finance the wall than with the drug money that has already been seized? It's a fer sure way to show the libs true motives in the immigration debate. For that kind of money we could seal the border tighter than a frogs behind and still build luxury hotels for the "migrants" while they're in custody awaiting their court hearings.
Ted Cruz Is Right: Make El Chapo Pay For the Wall | Flopping Aces
Mar 2013
Middle Tennessee
El Chapo found guilty on all counts. Now, where's the money?

Fox News

In this case, now that he's actually been proven guilty in a court of law. I see no reason not to pursue and seize the cash and assets.

However asset seizure by police became a major issue not long ago. The first issue was that almost none of the people whose cash or other assets were seized, were ever charged, much less convicted in any court of law. Police figured out pretty quickly that if they seized large amount of cash from someone, that person may well have the financial ability to hire a lawyer and take the appropriate legal action to recover their funds. However if they took small stashes of cash, usually less than $10K the person likely wouldn't pursue the legal actions needed to recover their cash. So tens of thousand of people had their property stolen by the police based on nothing more than the "suspicion" they might be somehow involved with drugs. This is NOT how the RICO laws were supposed to operate. I thought we had some relief when Eric Holder dialed back the federal sharing program, but Sessions undid that fairly quickly.
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Jul 2014
Aren't most of his assets in Mexico?
Wouldn't the Mexican government have first dibs?

I'll bet there is plenty, but it's probably scattered around the globe, and probably not under his name.
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