Tell Congress: Support COPRA

Feb 2006
The Consumer Online Privacy Rights Act, would set up a privacy bill of rights for all Americans. COPRA is designed to protect us from corporations that value their profit over our privacy.1 This means that we could finally put the brakes on tech companies like Facebook and prevent it from recklessly collecting our personal information, then selling that data to firms that use it for everything from marketing to building nefarious political disinformation tools.

After years of false starts, COPRA is our country's first attempt at a consumer-privacy law for the digital age. COPRA is a very important step, but the Democrat-led effort will likely face an uphill battle. That's why we need to gather as much support as possible for this legislation and keep the pressure on all of Congress to stop Big Tech from abusing our data.

Tell Congress: Support COPRA.

From Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal to the more recent reports of Google, Amazon, and Apple's voice assistants recording and collecting personal details - Silicon Valley has been out of control for years.2,3 And with tech company CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg getting cozy with the Trump administration, pressure is mounting on U.S. lawmakers to do something to protect our intimate digital data like we live, where we work, who we talk to and our medical history.

The public and our lawmakers know that Big Tech's mishandling of our personal data makes way for serious offline consequences. We don't know where the data is stored, who has access to our information, who can hack it and which companies are selling it without our consent.

Senate lawmakers held several hearings and issued many statements about Silicon Valley company wrongdoing, but their drumbeat of disapproval has not yet translated into real legislative action. COPRA is paving the way for real change but it will only get off the ground if we show massive support. We have to keep the pressure on Congress to make sure it does not stall any longer in taking on Big Tech. Our online and offline safety depend on it.

Apr 2019
Shouldn't we be worried about the government abusing our privacy? Why are you lobbying the forum?