Tell Congress: Support GMO labeling now

Feb 2006
Ninety-three percent of Americans support labeling genetically modified foods,1 yet Monsanto’s allies in Congress have successfully fought off attempts to pass any meaningful legislation to label GMOs.

That all could change if a recently-introduced bill to mandate labeling of GMOs gets enough support in Congress. Commonsense legislation introduced by Rep. Peter Defazio and Sen. Barbara Boxer would require the Food and Drug Administration to clearly label GMO foods so that consumers can make informed choices about what they’re feeding their families.

Tell Congress: Support GMO labeling now | CREDO Action

Monsanto and Big Ag have already spent over $100 million to defeat GMO labeling in a handful of states,2 so it’s certain they will spare no expense keep this bill from becoming law. We must act now to show Congress that there is widespread support for this critical legislation to label GMO food across the country.

Sign the petition: Tell Congress to support our right to know what’s in our food.

Tell Congress: Support GMO labeling now | CREDO Action

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Jun 2014
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Keep harping on your officials to take corporations out of the agency set up to regulate them from harming us.