Tennessee detective's church sermon calls for execution of LGBTQ people

Jul 2018
You are right, of course. After saying that the police should be arresting gay people and then we should be killed makes it pretty clear he can't be impartial. He should have been fired immediately.
The problem is that the herd and its leaders have the same opinions and biases as the nut case. The people in his church believe as he does. How many cops go to his church?
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Mar 2013
Middle Tennessee
IMO, majority rule is a bad idea. It can be worse than minority role. What is needed is GOOD rule that treats everyone with dignity and respect.
A true democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. (Supposedly Ben Franklin)

That’s why we have a constitutional republic rather than a simple democracy. Which is a terrible way to run a country, except for all the others. That’s also WHY we have an independent judiciary. That’s why I cringe and want to beat people about the head and shoulders when they start talking about “activist judges” and calling for overhauls of the courts and/or stacking the courts with extremist, alt-right ideologies.

Our founding fathers envisioned a country where EVERYONE has the absolute right to live their lives as they saw fit as long as they didn’t infringe on some one else’s rights. We have not yet achieved this high minded goal, but we are getting there ever so slowly. 150 years ago people were property. 100 years ago my grandmother still couldn’t vote. 50 years ago, “legally” a husband could not rape his wife and minorities had to attend separate schools and children were forced to pray in school.

This current crop of neo nazi GOP and their bed mates the ultra conservative evangelicals seem hell bent and determined to drag us backwards. Gays and women’s reproductive rights are but their latest dog whistle issues to call the narrow minded Neanderthal bible thumping American Taliban to howl at the moon proclaim themselves the victims of these horrific social injustices. Imagine those gays being allowed to have the exact same rights as the righteous!!! OMFGIH !!!
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Feb 2019
:) It was meant metaphorically.

They can sit over on their side and hate all they want. The second that they, or one of their followers, come across our fence to do harm to me and mine (or you and yours) we have the right to defend ourselves.
Oh, I thought you meant for the fences to represent separating LGBTQ people. Was confused on your meaning.
May 2018
I'm still waiting for one of our right wing members to come in this thread and denounce this guy. I know, I'll be waiting til the end of eternity.

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