The 1 Sentence In Michael Flynn's Sentencing Document That Should Really Scare Donald Trump

Sep 2018
cleveland ohio
The biggest story of the sentencing document filed by special counsel Robert Mueller's office on Michael Flynn is what's not in it. There are large swaths of redactions, making it hard to see exactly what Mueller is doing -- and what specific role the Trump administration's former national security adviser is playing in it all.

But there's a single sentence in the 13-page document that should send shivers down the spine of President Donald Trump and everyone in his inner circle. It's this: "The defendant deserves credit for accepting responsibility in a timely fashion and substantially assisting the government."

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Oct 2010
Months, years now, of Trump's non-stop "witch hunt" and the like almost assures that whatever Mueller has, no matter how solid his case and his evidence, it will be tossed aside by Trump's supporters.
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Apr 2013
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The clock keeps ticking. Trumpetal are getting deeper and deeper in it.

The number that scares Trump

A number scaring the hell out of the Trumps: 119.

The equation: 70 hours of Michael Cohen interviews with Mueller's team + 30 hours of interviews with former White House counsel Don McGahn + 19 Michael Flynn interviews with prosecutors.

The number that scares Trump
Dec 2015
This needs repeating: "Substantially assisting the government."

Hey--all you "Individual ONE" peeps!! Spin it. Spin it.