The 2010's: The Decade Of Shitty White People

Nov 2012

We were so close.

For a minute there it seemed like America had come to its goddamn senses. It closed out the first decade of the new century by electing its first African-American president, while simultaneously handing him healthy, veto-proof majorities in both the House and Senate after a decade of letting The Fear drive us into the arms of a half-witted dufus by the name of George W. Bush, who seized that opportunity to fail spectacularly at virtually every conceivable measure of the public trust in return.

But for one brief, shining moment towards the end of the 00s, a green sprig of hope grew between the cracks of the nation’s thick, stony head. For about a minute and a half — it looked like America might be on the verge of a true moment of evolution. At least that’s what a lot of us told ourselves back then. But then Barack Obama came, and SWPs lost their fucking minds. Its possible no single person in American history posed a greater existential threat to every pillar of white supremacist orthodoxy than Barack Hussein Obama, and that’s when they realized it was time to up their game.



Dec 2015
And only half black at that! That was too much for them. Next time we need a half black, half latino trans woman. That'll make them completely crazy. :)
I like it, but let's expand that idea to half black, half Latino, trans Wicken woman---married to a Muslim man--with adopted WHITE blonde-blue eyed twins. ;)
Jul 2019
true. some white people did vote for Obama, so white people can't be that bad, right?

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Jul 2019
randomly just thought about this

y'all remember the clowns who blew up their YETI's because they got all hurt YETI stopped making a NRA logo cooler they could get at a very small discount?

these people are exactly what's wrong with America
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