The Broad Front (FA),

Sep 2018
cleveland ohio
The Broad Front (FA), a leftist coalition that has governed since 2005, in Uruguay does anyone know much about Uruguay ? All i know is no one is starving there it is stable democratic, is the least corrupt nation in South America , only Chile has a higher standard of living, no one has a more equitable distribution of wealth oh and this…/uruguays-record-setting-economi… I'm pretty sure it isnt Socialist, they have high tax rates and spend a lot on social programs so maybe maybe you can say its social democratic like western europe.. is it a model, because i will be honest i consider myself a socialist/social democrat of sorts.. but i sure as hell dont want to use Venezuela as an economic model, should we try to emulate countires that have been successful?
So isnt it possible for the left to embrace capitalism in some form?

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