The Cackle Returns

May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.
The cackle at the end of this brief video is Hillary’s trademark:

I thought she retired the cackle after she lost the election. I was wrong:


Hillary Clinton ridicules Kavanaugh's Senate testimony

Daisy Mae today is the same person who got off the bus from Dogpatch with only one mandate —— control bimbo eruptions. In those days she cackled a lot when she was not covering up L’il Abner’s indiscretions, and railing against right-wing conspirators.

In 2000 Hillary Clinton ran against a guy who was forgotten before the votes were cast.

In 2006 she ran against a nonentity.

In 2008 she lost her first presidential bid to a nobody outta nuttin.

Senator Hillary Clinton was less than a zero. As Obama’s secretary of state she spent more time in the air than Delta’s entire fleet in order to accomplish exactly nothing.

In 2016 the Cackler debated Larry, Moe, and Curly, and another guy who made a pimple look attractive. Not even God could save Clinton’s staff after she fumbled on the goal line:

On the eve of the all-important first debate, Clinton’s staff reportedly was terrified she could have “a serious meltdown.”​
“Hillary’s been having screaming, child-like tantrums that have left staff members in tears and unable to work,” a campaign aide reportedly confided.​

Hillary handlers fear 'serious meltdown' in debate​
Posted By Garth Kant On 10/12/2015 @ 9:31 pm​

From what I read about the debates, Hillary treated the audience with her famous cackle a few times. I doubt if she would have been “laughing” had Joe been there:

And who, pray tell, ever tried to “silence” her?

October 19, 2015​
'I will not be silenced,' Hillary shrieked​
By Carol Brown​
Hillary would have done herself a favor had she put a sock in the cackle when she was first lady:

Crazy Hillary Supporter Lena Dunham: “Ban Words Like Shrill” (Video)​
Jim Hoft​
Jan 26th, 2016 1:00 pm​
Lena will have to gather up all of the videos —— or give “shrill” a pass:

Believe it or not, but Hillary is going for the gold in 2020.

Try this for a terrifying combination in a president: A sociopath-cackler:

I don't think Hillary's crazy, wide-open-mouth laugh is hard to explain. If I remember correctly, she was known as the "Ice Maiden" in high school. And, certainly, smiling never came naturally to her, as footage of her from the 90s proves (at one time, she never did it).​


It's as when a sociopath has to think, in order to seem genuine, "How would a normal person react in this situation?" And Clinton does seem quite sociopathic (this isn't to say she's a full-blown sociopath).​

July 31, 2016​
That weird Hillary laugh...​
By Selwyn Duke​
May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.

Bombastic-cackle and ridiculous-cackle would be better:

Hillary Clinton said Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s claim that sexual misconduct allegations against him amount to “revenge on behalf of the Clintons” was worthy of a laugh – but Twitter did not find her laugh convincing.​
The questioning of Kavanaugh by the Senate Judiciary Committee, which concluded on Friday, saw the Supreme Court nominee deliver an emotional and, at times, angry testimony.​
His behavior has generated responses from both sides of the aisle, while satire programs like Saturday Night Live also had a field day with it.​
Now Hillary Clinton can be added to that list, as the former Democratic candidate has responded to Kavanaugh's claim that the allegations laid against him are related to the Clintons.​
“I thought it was part of the whole of his very defensive and unconvincing presentation,” Clinton said when asked about the situation at the Atlantic Festival on Tuesday.​
The Hill​
WATCH: Hillary Clinton laughs when asked about Kavanaugh's "revenge on behalf of the Clintons" claims. Hillary Clinton bursts out laughing about Kavanaugh's 'revenge on behalf of the Clintons' remark
12:20 AM - Oct 3, 2018​
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“I told someone later, 'Boy, I tell you, they give us a lot of credit — 36 years ago we started this against Kavanaugh.'” She added that his claim “deserves a lot of laughter.”​
But now the internet is responding to Clinton's response – and some say they aren't surprised that she's turning to laughter... because it's what she does in the face of uncomfortable situations.​
"She laughs because BK [Brett Kavanaugh] is right. Look back at her videos. When @HillaryClinton gets called out on her biggest lies, her response is always to put on this overly bombastic laugh she does," Twitter user @CaptainGreenhat wrote.​
Even a person who voted for Hillary Clinton had something to say about her "ridiculous laugh."
Sandra Johnson​
? @Jollyracer6​
Oct 2​
That ridiculous laugh when she’s uncomfortable with a situation. Voted for her BUT glad she lost.​
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NOTE: Nervous-cackle is good, too.

According to another Twitter user, the laughter is used to mask the fact that Clinton knows Kavanaugh's accusation is true.​
Todd McGowan @mc_gowan3​
Replying to @thehill​
Because she knows its true and she cant react any other way without showing her cards​
12:23 AM - Oct 3, 2018​
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Another person took Clinton's laughter as an opportunity to bring up the sexual misconduct allegations against her own husband, saying there was a "mountain of evidence" against Bill Clinton.​
Silvia Monroy Hagan​
? @silshagan​
Replying to @ABC​
Ask her if she feels this same way about her POS husband!! What a hypocrite!!!! At least with good ole Bill, there was a mountain of evidence!! What a piece of work!! Thank God she’s not the 1st woman to be elected President in that WH!!​
11:51 AM - 2 Oct 2018 from Gainesville, VA​
Others simply shared a link to audio files unearthed in 2014 which included Hillary Clinton laughing about representing a man who had been accused of raping a 12-year-old girl and laughing about losing faith in polygraphs after he passed one – implying that he was guilty and shouldn't have passed.​
Twitter slams Hillary’s ‘bombastic laugh’ in reaction to Kavanaugh’s ‘revenge’ claim​
Carlos Barria / Reuters​

Believe it or not, but Hillary is going for the gold in 2020.

Try this for a terrifying combination in a president: A sociopath-cackler:
Hillary Clinton still claims she won the popular worth in 2016. Democrats winning one or both chambers in the midterms improves Hillary’s chances of winning the nomination in 2020 by a factor of 10. At least that gives her something to campaign on, while no other Democrat wannabe has anything to run on.

This is the scariest scenario of all nightmares: President Hillary Clinton, U.N. Secretary General Bill Clinton, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Upchuck Schumer.