The Endangered Species Act

Aug 2019
Keep the American bald eagle from going extinct. Who could possibly want restricted legislative policy for "Endangered species"? How about someone capable of critical thinking.

How can you support such legislation, unless you know what is meant by "species"? Millions do.

Scientists do not all agree on how to define a species, it is a bit complicated. It gets better.

In this case, a "species" can be actually be a subspecies. That is according to the law. Complicated just got more complicated.

We can say a species is a population that is capable of breeding within its group, but not with others, even though they appear similar. It is not that simple, but for simplicity we can start there.

Subspecies, can interbreed, but there are notable differences between groups. These differences may be food preference, mating habits, appearance, geographical habitat, and characteristics yet undiscovered.

The extinction of a subspecies in no way implies the extinction of a species. It can be argued that the extinction of a subspecies simply opens the door to evolution of new species. Species require niches.

The value of a subspecies is a moral issue, and science is amoral. Science alone cannot can not make such decisions, value judgments must be made. It is complicated.

If a particular frog, bat, bird, worm, or mosquito goes extinct, other members of the same species may be overpopulated, in the neighboring, or exact same habitat.

It really is very complicated, and that means it is open to abuse. Humans are displaced, for the sake of a subspecies, that belongs to a very prolific species.

From the perspective of a biologist, the extinction of any subspecies anywhere, is to be avoided. I get it. That argument is not convincing to others.
Dec 2018
Republicans in DC have been trying to chip away at this for years.

It's pretty simple to understand why. The GOP is faced with a choice of protecting animals or making money. Pretty simple choice for the right.