The EU just got smaller

Sep 2014
Three and a half years after the UK electorate voted to leave the European Union, the UK is finally no longer a member.
Interesting, I thought, that the EU's very first response has been to initiate hostilities over the sovereignty of Gibraltar. Interesting because as long as the UK was a member, the EU remained "neutral" over Spain's claim to the British Dependent Territory. Now it supports Spain's claim. And because Spain supports Argentina's claim to the Falklands, by extension the EU now supports that too.

So, when Britain was EU, Britain's territory was none of EU's business, but now that Britain is no longer EU, all of a sudden British territory is EU's business.

As many suspected it would, the EU has immediately begun the process of punishing the UK for leaving the gang. I think the rest of the world will take note of its aggressive imperialist intentions.