The fight for the white house in 2020 will be a war.

Oct 2017
You have compensated well. I'm mildly dyslexic and thank the FSM for spellcheck. I also transpose numbers, a concern in that when I was planning drilling operations and doing the on site supervision, there was a lot of gazintas I had to do. A mistake could actually result in loss of life so I checked and double checked and triple checked and if all three didn't agree, I'd keep going till I got a clear majority of one answer.
My surprise of the day, Chrome's spellcheck accepts gazintas. The compiler must have been a Beverly Hillbillies fans.
To be truthful , I'm a craftsman , I've made my living as a potter all my life. I got a large McKnight Foundation grant to continue work on copper plating of hand blown glass, Which I did for 7 years. I worked with a group from China and Russia working on copper plating of actually anything really ,mine just happened to be hand blown glass. I Do a lot of work with wood now. The point is with what I do for a living Dyslexia can be perceived as a blessing. You see thing your own way, some may be back wards but it is your personal perception and art can always be deciphered by technic expression .
This really is a interesting subject for me , I have been using the keyboard a lot over the last few years and I've got faster over that period and my Dyslexia has had a field day on me. I have transposed the ultimate word on my record enutrof, that's a 7 letter word spelled backwards. I'm proud of that one.