The Great Venezuelan Lie from the Democratic Socialists

Dec 2018
New England
For the exact same, lame assed, pro democracy, no communism/socialism in our hemisphere reason, that every other president since the McCarthy era has.
Or it could have been the Venezuelan government's 2014 violent crackdown on political protesters and their assassinations of opposition political leaders. You know, typical late-stage Marxist socialist utopian behavior.

By the way, joining in those sanctions were the European Union, Canada, Mexico, Panama, and Switzerland, so McCarthyism sure has spread some.
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Dec 2018
Unionville Indiana
Norway has a similar system but I don't think it issues checks to citizens, they just finance their socialist programs with the money. Thing is, the North Sea oil will run out, then what?
Read it and weep:

...Even when you correct for the moderately large oil sector (which accounts for a bit less than a quarter of its exports), it still has a cutting-edge, ultra-productive economy — far from some petro-state living off oil rents like Dubai. ...

If democratic socialism is so bad, why is Norway so great?