The Half-Life Of A Tax

May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.
In 1996, several U.S. states and municipalities began to see Internet services as a potential source of tax revenue.

I am surprised it took so long for parasites to impose a tax on Internet purchases:

Parasites collecting taxes for their own benefit destroy nations. Refusing to repeal a ludicrous tax is tyranny with a half-life longer than radioactive Uranium-238 (4.5 billion years).

The only thing most Americans know about the Spanish-American War is that it had something to do with Teddy Roosevelt. Look on your telephone bill and you will see a tax that was first implemented to pay for the Spanish-American War when relatively few Americans owned a telephone. The tax was five cents. Americans are still paying that TAX although it is a helluva lot higher than a nickel, and they pay the fee on every phone. If you own two land line phone, and a cell phone, you pay the fee on all three. The fee increases on every phone in your name or business.

Originally, repealing the Spanish-American War Tax in 1996 was met with great fanfare. Before I had a computer I thought the telephone tax to fund the Spanish-American War had been repealed. Then I learned that Clinton vetoed the repeal. I remember the publicity repealing the tax got, but I must have missed the press’ failure to report Clinton’s veto.

Citing President Clinton\'s veto of a bill to repeal the 102-year old federal excise tax on telecommunications, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) today roundly criticized the Clinton-Gore Administration for protecting an outdated tax that widens the digital divide and is putting high-speed Internet access out of reach for over 100,000 Americans.

"Here we go again," said Ron Nehring, director of national campaigns for ATR. "Another tax cut vetoed by the Clinton-Gore White House. The President\'s veto will cost Americans over $4 billion next year, the bill to collect a tax first imposed to fund the Spanish-American War in 1898."​

Clinton Sustains Spanish-American War Tax
Posted on Friday, March 31st, 2000, 12:00 PM

NOTE: The tax on telephones to finance the Spanish-American War morphed into a fee. Check your telephone bill. The FCC prohibited telephone companies from listing it as a tax on your monthly statement so it became a fee.

So how come peaceniks along with all of those liberals who never stop moaning about the military-industrial-complex never demand an end to funding the Spanish-American War?