The Hillary/FBI Investigation

Nov 2005
Time to wake up.....That is exactly what was attempted.....The top echelons of the FBI (and probably others) failed to adequately investigate the Hillary Clinton /e-mail server problem in order to protect her as a candidate for the Presidency.....
It's amazing the Clinton Derangement Syndrome that's going on here.
Repubs want to smear so they demand all sorts of investigation that will go nowhere.
People recognize it won't go anywhere, so they don't do the meaningless waste of time and tax-payer money. On the flip side, you try to proclaim they should be prosecuted for standards you make up and then when called on it you whine that others didn't investigate.

Having failed to do that... they created a false narrative that Trump had colluded with the Russians to swing the election in Trump's favor.. That is the accusation supported by ongoing investigation into the e-mails of Peter Strozk, Bruce Ohr, Christopher Steele and Lisa Page....Also under investigation is James Comey and Andrew McCabe.....
The fact that Trump's campaign colluded with the Russians has been proven and admitted.
Trump says son met Russian for information

This is still unfolding and getting bigger and bigger.....Hillary was only the start of it
No. It's really not "unfolding" at all.
You guys keep trying to revive a dead horse that you're simultaneously trying to beat to death.
Nov 2005
Get this through your thick skull.....Hillary w as using an UNSECURED, UNAUTHORIZED SERVER.. That is irrefutable fact at this point.....There was 110 items of classified informaaation on that server..
Nobody (to my knowledge) is refuting that this was negligence.
Do you comprehend and agree that Bush and Trump are guilty of the same?
The main difference is that Dems recognized it was a dead-end subject and didn't demand this level of investigation.

Now slowly think about this......hmmmmm...... unsecured unauthorized server + classified information= negligent handling of classified information....a felony X 110.......
Again, NO.
Negligence alone does not prove a violation of the standards involved.
If it did, Bush would be in jail as well.

Bush or Ollie North had nothing to do with that... Hillary did....AFUCKINMEN!!! This is where the present scandaal starts from.....
As an analogy, while it is true that Bush was not in the car with Clinton breaking the speed limit, it is also true that Bush is also guilty of breaking that speed limit in his own car at an earlier time.

Also.....Peter Strozk, the lead investigator in the FBI's investigation of Hillary.....only spent 30 minutes interview her... and they gave Hillary's aides lawyer-client privilege immunity as her lawyers
, which they weren' other words the investigation was a sham..
Again, if there is no INTENT, then there is no violation of 793 (f).

Since there is NO EVIDENCE that she ordered the other "obstruction" actions, you can't pin that on her either.
Do you think that if they grill her for 5 hours in a sweat box she'll state that she was the second gun man on the grassy knoll?

You guys want so desperately for some charge you've lost reason on the issue. long as investigators like Judical Watch have their teeth in this it is not going away, even if Trump doesn't do anything about it...
I have no doubt that pundits will still demand to beat dead horses. And you guys will continue to talk about [strike]how the moon landing was fake[/strike] how you think Hillary was guilty until your grandkids stop visiting you in the nursing home cause they don't want to hear it anymore.
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