The internet poisons the minds of the very young

Mar 2010
north east usa
for young kids learning on the internet the primary poison is religion.
young teens are ok and have more sebse and a lot smarter then younger kids.
false teaching on the net regarding religion. even with true reading that the very
young shouldent read yet at there age. some things in the bible that should wait.
the best thing is to take them to church on sunday and they will wonder why are we and
all those people are there. sooner or later you will have to tell they we go there to
pray to god. then they will want to know all about him. my mom was smart. she sent me
to a catholic school run be nuns. and let me tell you nuns are no push over.
but untell the very young are old enought keep them off the internet. computers
in the school for them are custom because of there age just keep them off the net
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