The Left is insane

Jul 2019
Swedish Prof Urges 'Eating Human Flesh — to Save the Climate'

Now Left wing academia types want people to start eating human beings to save the planet and fight climate change?

Be honest, is anyone really surprised here? After all, now they are taking viable infants and slit their throats, so why not eat them?

It's like my pappy always used to say, if you are going to shoot it at least eat it.

But if you are a Lefty, you have to at least be honest with yourself because you are an atheist and really don't believe mankind is set apart from the animal kingdom as "special". You really do believe we should be able to do to humans what is done to animals, which is lock them up in zoos, treat them as beasts of burden, and kill them and eat them at our whim.

Inalienable rights? Pfft! Try inalienable government power.
Low 'emotional intelligence?'
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May 2018
Your perception is flawed, infantile, and better suited to a Trump rally than to an attempt to discuss an issue maturely.
Agreed. This is one of the worst flamebait threads posted in quite some time. I'm surprised it's still even here.

BTW, I researched the Epoch Times, which PJ Media used a source. Guess what?

  • Overall, we rate The Epoch Times Right Biased based on editorial positions that consistently favor the right. We also rate them factually Mixed due to the publication of pseudoscience as well as propaganda against China and strong support for the Trump administration.
The Epoch Times - Media Bias/Fact Check

Also, if you click on a link in their article on this subject, it takes you to a site that says your computer is infected with a virus. I call BS on this entire thread topic. Now, PJ Media did give his title later in the article, but not before they labeled him a "behavioral scientist" which of course, he is not.

I searched the internet and found out that Magnus Soederlund is not a behavioral scientist, but an economics professor. That's just a wee bit of a lie, don't you think?

I could not find one reliable source to back up the claim in the OP. It's all extreme right wing websites. Anyone else smelling BS yet?
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