The Media is destroying the Free Press!

Dec 2014
Memphis, Tn.
Levin's book is a best seller. People do listen to him. You are trying to minimize the impact it has had.
What in the fuck does that have to do with anything/ Whay does it have to do with the fucking stupidity of the statement?

People do listen to him" So fucking what? How many, why, where, what is the RESULT of their listening?
Dec 2015
Oh the gall! Oh the audacity! Oh the impudence! The press criticizing a sitting president!
Whoever heard of such a thing??
Jun 2018
South Dakota
Levin's book is a best seller. People do listen to him. You are trying to minimize the impact it has had.
They're also trying to mitigate the latest leaked proof of bias from the NYT. If starting and working echo chambers is all they got, they're out of ammo. Again.
Jul 2019
guys, I'm still trying to process that Cernovich guy's incredible impact on American Journalism with his incredible youtube videos.

and legal scholar D'Souza's explosive revelation that Lincoln was a Republican. He shook the country with something most of us learned by 5th grade. I'm still rattled.

give me a minute to appreciate these other world-changing hard-hitters before I delve into some of the Matt Levin's masterpieces
Feb 2014
Help me out here.

I thought the media was the free press
and the free press was the media
and Finkle is Einhorn
and Einhorn is Finkle

I watched "The Presidents Men" last night about Nixon and Watergate and the fight for freedom of the press. I believe our democracy is seriously threatened by a poor understanding of what truth has to do with democracy. Education since 1958 has prepared us to rely on "authority" and we left moral training to the church. This has become a huge threat to our freedom of speech, media and therefore, our democracy!

Why is it important journalists verify their stories with at least two or three sources of information and stick to the facts with no commentary? Same reason we should not lie, or shouldn't eat mushrooms in the forest unless we are very sure of what we are eating. Bad things happen when we lie or make bad choices. Doing the wrong thing and praying to God we will get away with it, does not work well. Fooling the public, misleading them, lying to them, leads to a whole line of bad things happening and this can destroy our civilization.