The Medicare for All Hoax

Mar 2018
Democrat lies, what else.

Seniors and baby boomers are big losers under “Medicare for all.” Whenever over-65ers have to vie with younger people for health resources, they get pushed to the back of the line. In the United Kingdom’s single-payer system, boomers are turned away for hip replacements and breast reconstruction. They’re told they have fewer years of life ahead to benefit from costly medical procedures.

“Medicare for all” is no longer a fringe proposal favored by the extreme left. It’s gaining steam. Republicans who failed miserably to communicate a case for repealing and replacing Obamacare cannot make that mistake again. They need to warn voters about the dangers of single-payer healthcare.

Under “Medicare for All” — the legislation introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders — Americans will be automatically enrolled in the public program. Kids would be enrolled at birth.

The new scheme will guarantee hospital care, doctors’ visits, even dental, vision, and long-term care, all provided by Uncle Sam. But only until money runs out. The Sanders bill imposes hard and fast dollar caps on how much healthcare the country can consume yearly. That means limiting mammograms, hip replacements, and other procedures. The Sanders bill creates new regional health authorities to curb “over-utilization” of care. To see how it’s done, look across the pond at how British local health authorities skimp on care. British women are livid because many are being refused breast reconstruction after lumpectomies and mastectomies.

At least in Britain, people are free to buy private insurance and go outside the government system for care. But not under Sanders’ Medicare for All bill. You’d be trapped.

Dems backing Sanders’ bill point to Medicare’s cost efficiencies and say they can be expanded to the whole population. That’s ridiculous. Medicare pays only about 88 cents for every dollar of care, shortchanging hospitals and doctors. These providers take the payments because they can shift the unmet costs on their patients with private insurance. But if everyone is on Medicare for All, no cost shifting is possible. The only alternative? Lowering the quality of care — longer waits, limited access to technology.

Single payer advocates don’t deny it. Stanford economist Victor Fuchs argues in the Journal of the American Medical Association that curbing the use of mammograms, new drugs, and diagnostic technologies will make single payer affordable. In short, go low tech. But millions of American women have survived breast cancer thanks to high-tech screening and new gene-based therapies. Low-tech medicine would be a death sentence.

The United Kingdom’s rock bottom survival rates for breast, lung, ovarian, and pancreatic cancer are the result of that low-tech approach. British newspapers are declaring “Cancer shame as UK survival rates lag behind the rest of the world.”

Is that what we want in America?

The Medicare for All Hoax

Dec 2015
Medicare-for-all is REALLY popular: 62% of Americans say YES. You are going to hear this from (probably) every Democratic presidential candidate because people who currently have Medicare LOVE IT and because every other civilized country has something similar.
Healthcare has become a HUGE deal and will continue to be in the next election. It's already being chanted by mid-term candidates. So, M4ALL is in its ascendancy. Get used to it.
Democrats can't do a thing about it right now, but the day of reckoning will come. The tide will turn as it always does.
Everyone in this country NEEDS healthcare. Period.
The Medicare tax (taken out of our paychecks) is currently 1.45%. It would probably be raised to 2.2%.
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