The mortality rate ranking for each state, by disease

Jul 2018
Trump World! Where the circus is always in town.
seems to be a direct correlation between low tax states and disease and death.
May 2019
Actually "guns" aren't listed at all. Guilty conscience, perhaps? Also interesting is how the top states for homicides are ALL RED STATES WITH LOOSE GUN CONTROL LAWS:D Funny that, especially since the NRA and the GOP are always saying guns SAVE lives and prevent crime (homicide is a crime, don't they know that?). For that matter the Red States seem to be pretty miserable healthcare wise as well, judging from that chart. Hmmmm....why if one didn't know better, one would probably deduce the red states are incompetently managed or something...

Oh yeah, they probably put the homicides in there for "scale" :D
I guess it depends on where you draw the line for the top. Maryland and Illinois are both in the top ten for homicide, but they don't have the poor economies as the other, more gun friendly states. So what's their excuse? Meanwhile, plenty of gun friendly states are in the bottom ten as well. Somehow, no one is ever murdered in Wyoming (though that could be because they just kill themselves). Three states are gun friendly and in the bottom ten for gun deaths, though plenty are at the top. And of course there's a mix in the middle. Hmm, it's almost like there's more to it than just the laws.
May 2018
[QUOTE="Seneca, post: 1341335, member: 8744"Meanwhile, plenty of gun friendly states are in the bottom ten as well. .[/QUOTE]

Really? Which ones? Regarding Illinois: it doesn't matter how tight their gun control laws are, super loose gun law Indiana is right next door. I''ve heard that 75% of the guns taken from criminals in Chicago were BOUGHT in Indiana.
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