The notion that the US Constitution is a "living" document

Your attempt to label millions of voters 'stupid' might have carried more sting had you made the effort to proof read it before posting it.
Sounds just like those KKK churchstate fiefdom lynching enforcement cops dictating one is too 'stupid' to prove absentee voting ballots were stolen because wouldn't vote for their drug store truck driving man, similar to having a US District Court of Nazington deem Federal Lynching KKK churchstate of hate lynching enforcement cops heard phonetic spelled names of, according to them not Arab; but burning Bush's Al Qaeda 9/11 health care plan stupid just as a 9 year old is too stupid for having a US Constitution purchased after a lengthy hospital stay stolen & burned at SCOTUS the day the Catholic Church assassinated JFK.
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eye can·dy
/ī ˈkandē/
noun: eye candy; noun: eyecandy
  1. visual images that are superficially attractive and entertaining but intellectually undemanding.
    "the film's success rested on a promotional campaign showcasing its relentless eye candy"
eye candy
Something purely aesthetically pleasing, that is, pleasing to the senses. Can be a person, a film, a sunset, a flower, or anything else you can see.
God, look at that, its eye candy.
by bonnie August 09, 2004
Urban Dictionary: eye candy
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, she's not mine.
True, but she looks hot to me. edit: I bet she knows how to roast Horse Chestnuts and if she don't, TS is an expert. A Buckeye Tree has five leaflets and the nut is poisonous. The Horse Chestnut Tree has seven leaflets and the nut is edible and quite tasty when roasted which looks identical to the Buckeye to the uneducated eye.
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Proofread is one word, idiot...
Getting to be as stupid LTP
Medical treatment is not a right.. unalienable, inalienable, or otherwise. Both the left and the right delight in taking a giant shit on the Constitution /
where Rehnquist's immaculate drug conception for those burning Bush's Federal Lynching KKK churchstate of hate cops baptize thine eyes by urinations of ex-Army with Freudian slips had heard Al Qaeda & 9/11 while, & since not having ESP couldn't of heard as not there at the time later only in hearing flying carpet Arab fables threatening POTUS; as then again due to hearing that as lynching enforcement denied hearing Arab names during disrupting lunchtime figured they & those crooks on Capital Hill should also get an ear full along with the Fuhrer's Brainwashing Inquisition & that US District court for Nazington for that Fourth of "Jew Lie" Reich of thieving US Constitution - old glory - old testament stupid medical care continuation of Mengele super ego defamation WW II Nazi concentration camp methodical techniques pedophilia business under a supreme swastika up Uranus court Christiananality Islamidiotocracy pyramid scheme.
Personal Attacks are illegal against another DTT member in good standing.
Just listing a quote from LTP as to how stupid medicare is not a right is as "proofread", but thanks for your constitutionality illegality cognitive dissonance where the forum doesn't post a reply as intended; but hey what else is new in the Federal Lynching KKK churchstate of hate that brought 9/11 to the USA somehow constitutionally in a Christian Nation or :
Getting to be as stupid as the Godvernment as in LTP's post stating Medical treatment is not a right.. unalienable, inalienable, or otherwise. Both the left and the right delight in taking a giant shit on the Constitution /
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