The NRA Is Falling Apart, One Bad Shot At A Time

Jul 2019
That is a byproduct of their lobbying. Of course we cannot mention other lobbyists, only the NRA is bad. More of the same old shit.
as much as I'd love to bash the potato lobby in a NRA thread, I'm gonna stick to the topic

nvm, I'm with the other guys, let's bash
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Jun 2013
The National Rifle Association is facing several self-made crises all at once, and it couldn’t happen to an organization that deserves it more. Consider:
  • Its finances are a mess. The group is losing both members and revenue. At the end of 2018, the NRA reported losing $55 million in revenue.
  • Gun sales are continuing their downward trend.
  • The NRA cut ties with its longtime advertising and public relations firm, Ackerman McQueen. Now the two are suing each other.
  • NRA president Oliver North was forced to resign in April during a power struggle with executive vice president Wayne LaPierre. The NRA is now suing North over the attempted coup.
  • Speaking of LaPierre, the organization still hasn’t recovered from the bad publicity about LaPierre’s ultra-expensive clothing purchases, including $300,000 on designer suits.
  • Speaking of both LaPierre and North, the NRA’s top lobbyist and second in command, Chris Cox, was suspended after text messages showed he was one of the leaders behind the move to oust LaPierre—a move Cox strongly denied, but his aim was way off. He was forced to resign.
  • The NRA shut down production of its online media arm, NRATV.
Whose fault are all these problems? Those inside the NRA are pointing fingers at each other. Board members criticized LaPierre’s shopping sprees. One board member called for LaPierre to be fired. Two NRA board members scorched NRATV to reporters from The New York Times, citing the image of Thomas the Tank Engine in a KKK hood. And the organization is awash in multiple expensive legal disputes.

Talk about a circular firing squad.

The NRA is falling apart, one bad shot at a time

Thoughts and prayers

That really sucks, we need a civil rights organization like the NRA fighting for our rights now more than ever.