The official Impeachment thread.

Nov 2005
So, you are saying Trump is exonerated. I agree. Think before you post.
The statement was: "trump somehow thinks this further exonerates him, lol "
se7en was not saying that it exonerated Trump.
se7en was saying Trump THINKS he is exonerated.

I have to chuckle at you ending your post with "Think before you post".
Dec 2012
I believe May-June'ish but trump officially started the hold on July 25th, that evening, the same day as the fateful call

finally got released on September 11th, after Schiff made them aware Congress was aware of the WB complaint

nothing sketchy there

Did the Ukraine know it was being held up?
Dec 2012
And as soon as Hunter Biden runs for public office or is elected to public office then we can worry about his financials.

Do you really not see the difference?
The difference is, Joe used his government position to stop an investigation into a business Hunter worked for. His financials are an important part of what appears to be a "pay for play" cover up.
Jul 2019
Did the Ukraine know it was being held up?

in July

Zerkal is a top Ukrainian official

KYIV, Ukraine — As deputy foreign minister, it was Olena Zerkal’s job to read incoming diplomatic cables from embassies around the world. One from Washington caught her eye back in July, she recalled: It said the Trump administration had frozen military aid for Ukraine.

“We had this information,” Ms. Zerkal said in an interview. “It was definitely mentioned there were some issues.”
also diplomats who have testified confirm

But according to testimony in the impeachment inquiry, Ukrainian diplomats in Washington knew there was a problem with the aid as early as July 25, the day Mr. Trump spoke with the Ukrainian president by phone and asked him to investigate his rivals.
but if you had taken the time to read the article you quoted, you would have already known the answer to your question

AUGUST: The questions
Catherine Croft, the special adviser for Ukraine at the State Department, says two Ukrainians reach out to her to ask about the status of the military assistance. She told lawmakers she couldn’t recall the exact dates, but believes the outreach took place before the Aug. 28 publication of a Politico article detailing the hold.