The Only Poll That Matters

Sep 2018
cleveland ohio
No, if it wasn't for gerrymandering and voter disenfranchisement (Florida will finally get 1.5 million back on who should have been able to vote all along!); the Lakota and other indigenous bands in South Dakota who gave Heidi Heidtkamp her chance to sit in the Senate last time, would have got her re-elected, instead of being written off this time; and the thousands in states like Georgia who were cross-checked off* and Democratic campaign workers and volunteers are trying to get their provisional ballots counted.........all this has been allowed to fester and get worse and worse each election cycle because Democrats have been more inclined to just take the losses instead of fighting back.

A 20 seat margin in the House is not going to count for a whole hell of a lot if the Dems keep Nancy Pelosi in charge and running the same kind of campaign (centrist- grab the big money/while collecting as many votes as possible) isn't going to work now that the Democratic Party has to really rely on hard-pressed communities who are demanding( not asking) for results that make a difference in their lives! It's not just about trying to apply heat on Trump...sicking lawyers on him and making charges that will never get Trump out until his 2nd term is over anyway!

They better start doing something about voter disenfranchisment now and lay the groundwork for making the push on popular policies that the majority of people (even Republicans) want-- like Medicare-For-All...that the Nancy and Chuck show will never allow on the main floor!

*.........................Notably, Kemp, while running the election for the state of Georgia, is also running in the election for governor of Georgia -- against Democrat Stacey Abrams.​
Rahiem is just one of more than 340,134 Georgians Kemp has purged from the voter rolls based on dead-wrong evidence they'd moved from the state or from their home county... It took a federal lawsuit -- which I filed jointly with voting rights advocate Helen Butler -- to force Kemp to divulge the names and addresses of those whose registration he cancelled in a single year, 2017.​
And, while Kemp may believe that the tidal wave of purges may overcome a Democratic Blue Wave, there is another possibility: When a voter turning up to the polling station discovers his/her registration is missing or cancelled, the voter has the right, under federal law, to cast a "provisional" ballot.​
However, the man who decides whether these "provisional" ballots will be counted is... Brian Kemp. But Kemp should stop grinning. "Federal judges may feel differently about Kemp's right not to count these provisional ballots," says Jeanne Mirer, lead attorney on the lawsuit filed against Kemp in October. If the court determines that Kemp misused his power as Georgia's "Purge'n General" it could order that those provisional votes be counted.​
No Notice for Purged Voters
Rahiem Shabazz, like hundreds of thousands of others, had no idea he'd been flushed from the rolls, and assumed he was still registered. Kemp sent out no notice to voters after cancelling their registrations...............................................Purged Voters'
it is a mockery to call this a democracy.. it may be a republic but so waht? our problems stem from the fact we are not and never were properly democratic

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