The prophecy of wuwu

Aug 2018
When tyrants, red and black unite
and balance is in threat
a hero rises, blue and white
to free us all from death

a kingdom sits between four rivers,
unseen by mankind
unto sight his faith delivers
power that's divine

a child beaten and abased
for straying from the norm
will grow into the hero, who will face
the coming storm

Mingiwuwu, Mingiwuwu, how doest thou know the numbers?
and why should you, of all mankind, be closest to the mother?

Mingiwuwu, Mingiwuwu, how pained you must have been
to persevere through all the trials Fate presumed to send

tempered in the forge of pain,
forged in mortal anguish
no man comprehends his brain
a genius from head to anus
Mingiwuwu brings the blue flame
to the black stone that is sacred
and once it's done his soul will raise;
transcend the mortal plane then

Mingiwuwu, Mingiwuwu, will the people know your name?
he who crossed between the ice, delivering the flame?

Mingiwuwu, Mingiwuwu, will the guardians stand aside?
or will faith not be enough to make the barriers subside

the world will be united once the wuwu is restored
it has the magick juju, that true blue tier reform
it's way beyond the norm, but it will make you WANT to conform
the new world order comes, due to the wuwu magick lord