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Apr 2013
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All the "conservatives on this board cheer this amazing businessman.


National deficit grew 20% last year, partially due to Trump tax cuts

The U.S. national deficit grew by 20% ($75 billion) over the past year, according to the latest report by the Congressional Budge Office, partially due to Trump's tax cuts as well as increased national spending.

By the numbers:

Spending is up by $143 billion (4%) from last year.

2018 saw a $66-billion drop in corporate taxes, largely due to Trump's newest tax policy, according to the CBO.

Revenue from individual income taxes, however, grew more than expected because of economic growth and wage increases, according to the CBO. But the growth was not nearly enough to compensate for increased spending.

The deficit, which is now at $685 billion, is expected to reach $793 billion by the end of the year and come close to $1 trillion next year.​
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Jul 2018
Trump World! Where the circus is always in town.
The tariffs are not the issue. You should instead reference the massive spending bill he signed.
So you think the cut of the right wrist worst than the cut to the left wrist.

To me, any needlessly self inflicted wound is ill advised.
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Dec 2015

R, apparently you don't understand how politics works in the U.S. Democratic presidents MUST (under threat of impeachment) submit a balanced budget. Fiscal responsibility is the law of the land. The GOP cares deeply about our unholy deficit. Spending MUST BE STOPPED. We don't need to go back very far (Obama) to recall the outrage over the Obama's sky-rocketing deficit. Never mind the recession.

On the other hand, Republican presidents must be given "scope" & "flexibility" with the budget. Priorities MUST be taken into consideration---like the WALL or military parades or tax cuts for the wealthy and generous corporate welfare--and don't forget shoring up our military. We must spend money to MAKE money. Top dog, Paul Ryan, exclaims "I will leave extremely PROUD of what we (GOP) have accomplished!" Isn't that special?? Apparently Ryan wasn't proud of Obama's deficit at all--but that's D.C.

Yes. Yes. It's confusing so let's boil it down to something memorable.
Here's the rule: When Democrats are in control deficits are B.A.D.
When Republicans are in control deficits are G.O.O.D.

All clear?
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