The SEVEN Impeachment Trial Managers Are.....

Jun 2018
South Dakota
Just watched the most disingenuous speech given by Pelosi in history. Pelosi. wrapping herself in the Flag started the laughter and it didn't stop till she finally, after mumbling and bumbling about her favorite sob line "For the children" gae up after actually saying nothing new. The whole show was center around the word coerup. They have already conceded defeat and are using the word coverup as well, a coverup.
Nov 2005
I wonder if schiffhead will be able to not tell any lies for 5 mins.
That's a hilarious accusation considering Trump and his followers are trying to keep him and the rest of his cabinet off the witness stand because they know they can be nailed for perjury. And with Trump's penchant for pathologically lying, of course the right-wing recourse is to accuse everybody else of lying...

McCarthy is loving every minute of it (he's sweating his Lev-knowing ass off)
not even sure what he means but here it is
The claim in the tweet is a joke.
You've got a huge percentage of the Repub base who are just in Trump's back pocket. Period.
Their hearts and minds belong to Trump. They have no interest in justice or the purpose of our founding fathers constitution, but rather only Trump.

You've got another percentage of the Repub base who are acquiescent.
Another portion which is undecided, like they are still undecided regarding what they ate for their last meal.

And then you have the majority of this country who support the impeachment.