The Thread for Non-Libertarians and Libertarians to Talk about Libertarianism

Feb 2020
Same as the other thread, but non-libertarians will not be ignored so long as they talk about libertarianism.

I welcome your comments and questions about libertarianism. I do not welcome comments and questions about why I love Trump so much, why I hate everyone but white males, why I smell so bad, etc. Ask me that in the liberal section and I will give your question due consideration.

You can say libertarians suck and call Von Mises and all the rest of the pantheon of libertarian writers all kinds of crazy motherfuckers.

But if fall to the usual name-calling and bickering, speaking for myself, you will be firmly but politely ignored.

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Mar 2020
Woodlands, Texas
I really don't know what to ask.
There are libertarians at my school but they literally get mad if you ask them anything.
Can you give me a brief idea what it is about?
Jul 2014
Can someone answer the question, has there ever been a Libertarian society that has existed for real?
And if not, why not?
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Feb 2020
Can someone answer the question, has there ever been a Libertarian society that has existed for real?
And if not, why not?
This is a good question, and warrants a proper answer.

The answer is No. There has not been a Libertarian society that has existed for real. Liberland tried, but failed miserably because it is not isolated.

Simply put: The world is just too big.

Once progressives introduce taxes and property seizures, libertarianism folds like a house of cards.

The only chance for libertarianism to work is in an isolated environment. Free of progressives/socialists.

A cruise ship.

Or a Seastead.

I am starting a thread on a true libertarian society.

Watch for it. :D
Jul 2019
So now that we basically have no functional federal government, does that mean the Libertarians have won?
Mar 2020
Woodlands, Texas
Maybe I've just been asking the wrong questions.
Here's what I noticed, when I ask a general question like what's the basic Libertarian philosophy they say something snarky like SORRY I can't give it to you in a sound bite, little girl.
Ok, they don't say the little girl part, but that's the tone.

If I ask something more specific like are libertarians pro-choice they tell me I have to know what libertarianism is or I won't understand their stance on specific issues.
HTF am I supposed to learn the parts if I have to know the whole first, or the whole if I have to know the parts first?
If that makes sense.

Of course these are ALL guys.
I have to think that if I really looked like my avatar, they'd be all *mock baritone* "let's go somewhere and talk about it."
But, I actually look much more like this: :nerd:
So, not so much, LoL!