The Trump shut-down.

Apr 2013
La La Land North
First, thanks for admitting that Trump paid off Daniels even though he denied it thus proving that Trump is not only a fucking moron, but an adulterous scumbag liar.

Second, Trump wanted $800K in reimbursement and only got a fraction of that which was for legal fees and only $1000 in sanctions, meaning Trump got a fraction of $1000, not $293K: Trump awarded nearly $300,000 in legal fees in Daniels defamation lawsuit | Reuters

Lastly, let's not forget that she still has the $130K from Trump's illegal payoff money so she is only paying $163K back to Trump. An amount which will be defrayed from her next book about Presidente Mushroom Dick. :)
Plus Avenatti thinks that will be pocket change compared to what she will win when her suit is adjudicated. She will be big bucks up.