The Wonderful Nazis.

Apr 2015
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if you are infering that i posted this as a sock? i deny it because basically it isnt me perhaps its somone being ironic at my expense but i categorically deny that this is me.. i may have the ball to apologize for mao and stalin but i have no desire or the courage to say nice thngs about hitler and none of this shit is true btw
You don't have to deny it, because we all know who it is already.... It's our pet Nazi, freemind.:rolleyes:
Mar 2017
Matosinhos Portugal
The Portuguese who fought in Hitler's army. Divisão Azul - Blue Division

Despite our country's status of neutrality in World War II, many compatriots fought in the greatest of all conflicts. Virtually unknown, these 150 Portuguese participated in the German invasion of the USSR, integrated into the ranks of the Blue Division regrouped in Spain and integrated into the huge Hitler war machine.
From 6:30 in the morning on February 10, 1943, the Soviet artillery did not stop reaching Krasnyj-Bor.

The city was on fire, and around it the snow-mantle had become a mire covered with debris and corpses. After two hours of bombing, an overwhelming assault began and the violent rumors of the battle were heard at the command post of the Feldersatz Bataillon 250. Inside the bunker, the commander accompanied the field events on the field radio front, where his men fought desperately against successive waves of armored and Soviet infantry.

Only the 1st Company remained to counterattack and try to defend the Leningrad-Moscow road. Quickly he grabbed his weapon and ordered his men to prepare.

As they slanted down the slopes, the soldiers could observe the hell that awaited them. Among these stood a veteran sergeant with a scarred body, memories of the many battles he had already fought.

In his chest, a German Iron Cross proved to be a military man decorated with bravery, and he was also a former legionary with two years of fighting in the Spanish Civil War, which was a year and a half of continuous struggle in Russia. He had gone from soldier's wrists to the leader of an infantry platoon. However, this sergeant was not an ordinary soldier in the Wehrmacht: he spoke Portuguese, was born in Porto and was called Vicente Domingues Monteiro. It was one of a hundred and fifty Portuguese who served in the Blue Division, a unit of Spanish volunteers who fought in the most desolate siege of Humanity's History: Leningrad.

The history of these men began two years earlier, in the hot summer of 1941.
Portuguese soldiers who also fought for Franco in the civil war in Spain

Video in Portuguese Br. Video says that Portugal sent 20,000 Portuguese soldiers to help Franco
Portuguese military volunteers Viriatos 10000 help nazi

Italian Spain Portugal Help Hitler
Dec 2014
Memphis, Tn.
Despite what you may have been told about the Nazis, prepare for your ideas to get steamrolled. Because they weren't that bad. (And when it came to technology, they were superior) For example, around 150,000 Jews actually fought FOR the Nazis in WW II. Many non-whites fought for the Nazis. I will show you pictures of some of them. And for good measure, I will also include a picture of a well known negro athlete and what he had to say.
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Now no doubt some of you are going to bring up the holocaust. Which is debatable. But even then Russian communists are said to have been responsible for the untimely deaths of 80 to 100 million people! No matter what you may believe, they made Hitler look like Mother Teresa. I will show you a picture of one jewish communist and what he had to say. He was the head of the NKVD. This one jew alone is said to have orchestrated the deaths of at least 10 million people.
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It's the umpteenth incarnation of freemind or whatever. He changes screen names, but the script and the style are always the same. Do I ban him now, or let him go a little more before banning him?

Or not?
Ban him, he's a disruptive asshole.
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It's the umpteenth incarnation of freemind or whatever. He changes screen names, but the script and the style are always the same. Do I ban him now, or let him go a little more before banning him?

Or not?
Yeah, he seems to show up less frequently. Its his spamming and c/p that brothers me.

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