Then Along Came Donald Trump and Q...

Mar 2019
I never heard of Q before except for Star Trek. Q is alive and well, and still creating mischief.

Well I tend to think Q is fake and just a PsyOps by the NSA as distraction to the masses... Idk, we’re going to find out in the coming months, because patriot investigators are digging and getting really close.
I have some data on it in archives but I’m waiting for more intel.
Apr 2014

Well I tend to think Q is fake and just a PsyOps by the NSA as distraction to the masses... Idk, we’re going to find out in the coming months, because patriot investigators are digging and getting really close.
I have some data on it in archives but I’m waiting for more intel.
LOL. Of course you do. Do you scan your body and home on a regular basis to see if you've been tagged with monitoring devices?
May 2019
There are two governments in America. There is the government you see and the government you don't see.

The government you see is the politicians and the judges. They are actors. Their job is to give the illusion that government functions on behalf of the people and that there is a rule of law and a Constitution that is followed. This largely just political theater. It is an illusion.
The government you don't see is what I call the Deep State. The existence of the Deep State is no secret to astute followers of political events. But its existence has been missed by most people.
Indiana Republican Senator William Jenner spoke of it in a speech in 1954. He said:
Today the path to total dictatorship in the U.S. can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by Congress, the President, or the people. Outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system ... a well-organized political-action group in this country, determined to destroy our Constitution and establish a one-party state.... The important point to remember about this group is not its ideology but its organization... It operates secretly, silently, continuously to transform our Government.... This group ... is answerable neither to the President, the Congress, nor the courts. It is practically irremovable.​
The Deep State is what President Dwight Eisenhower was warning us about in his famous farewell address on January 17, 1961. It is more than just the military-industrial complex and the scientific-technological elite

The Deep State is an organism. It is highly complex with parts separate in function but mutually dependent and integrated. It is not formal. It may function legally or illegally within the law or above the law. It is never identified as to true name and purpose. It has no ethnic, social, legal or national responsibilities or restrictions. The subterfuge of an organism is its doctrine or its system of indoctrination.
It is a spiritual phenomenon. It is characterized by its consistency of words, phrases and concepts which mold the public mind into conformity in areas of religion, politics and economics. An organism is a myth or fiction created by esoteric power to forge or force public policy and conformity of thought. "Public policy" and conformity are instruments of state or government power.

The Deep State is the spying apparatus that scarfs up data on everyone all around the world and meddles in supposed free and fair elections and overthrows regimes for its own purposes. It is the regulatory bureaucracy that writes laws and regulations on such a scope that every American commits multiple felonies through the normal course of a day so that the state can expropriate their land and their wealth. It is the police state that enforces these and other regulations and laws passed legally and illegally and extraconstitutionally, and which steals the people's liberty and livelihood through asset forfeiture.

It is the Council on Foreign Relations and related groups that put up presidential candidates in both parties and populate the government in the departments of State, Treasury and Defense regardless of the party of the president, and establishes policy which is rubber-stamped by the elected class. It is the military-industrial complex which recognizes no international borders and makes war on nations that have not attacked us and pose us no harm beyond idle threats.

It is the banksters who create money out of thin air to pay for the wars and use it to rape and pillage the resources of foreign countries as readily as America. It is the house of Rothschild and the house of Rockefeller and globalist elites who annually meet for Bilderberg.

It is the Federal Reserve which prints money that is then used (often by being passed through extra-governmental agencies like the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, etc.) used to foment wars and expand the American empire.

The Deep State is aided and abetted by the mainstream media (MSM), AKA the legacy media, which disseminates its propaganda. Most of the major MSM reporters and pundits are paid by the Deep State (revealed in government hearings on CIA Operation Mockingbird, and in a book by German journalist Dr. Udo Ulkotte) in addition to their "legitimate" paychecks from their news organizations. Talking head experts and sources the media provide are typically affiliated with various think tanks funded by cronies, foundations, large corporations and NGOs that are part of the Deep State. View attachment 3402This is particularly true of those promoting war. The media rarely, if ever, reveal these ties.

All of this results in the mass brainwash of the American people.

Then along came Donald Trump. Trump's election — which was a surprise to the establishment — has disrupted the status quo in Washington, D.C.; of that there can be no doubt. The GOP establishment (GOPe) and the political left have developed an irrational hatred and obsession with him since he upset the apple cart in the corridors of power.

There are many who believe that Trump was sent to dismantle the Deep State. The believe this even though he has surrounded himself with Deep State actors, as my colleague Brandon Smith has pointed out on many occasions. Whether Trump is a string-puller or a puppet remains to be seen.

Trump's efforts to dismantle the Deep State and restore the country are said to be aided by a person or persons known as QAnon, or simply Q. Until recently, the mainstream media have largely ignored Q, and when Q is reported on the MSM have dismissed it as a conspiracy theory and the fantasies of a fringe group of crazies who believe the elite are a cabal of criminals and pedophiles, as if such a thing is impossible to comprehend.

One would think from the MSM's reaction to Q's claims of a secret pedophile ring that no elected officials have ever been connected or associated with pedophilia (see, for starters, Rep. Dennis Hastert, Rep. Mark Foley, Rep. Anthony Weiner, Sen. Robert Menendez, Rep. Mel Reynolds, Bill Clinton and the "Lolita Express").

Abnormal sexual proclivities is one of the signs of psychopathy, and enough of the establishment politicians have been caught up in the circles of suspected and convicted sexual predators to know that it is no conspiracy to recognize that the elite consort with criminals and pedophiles — excusing the behavior if not outright participating themselves.

Q is largely a web-based phenomenon. He or they are known to drop cryptic messages on the internet that its followers (we will refer to Q with the pronoun "it" for simplicity) decode on social media. The messages are released anonymously and are done in a way that is untraceable. The messages contain intelligence on current or future events that seems to come from deep within the halls of the power. The subject of Q's messages are usually events being ignored, glossed over or outright lied about by the MSM.

Q's cryptic messages are the subject of much discussion on social media platforms, where people both who believe Q is working to help Trump and those who believe it is hokum that must be debunked, try to decipher the messages.

Long before even the alternative media had hashed out the details that outline the attempted Deep State coup against Trump using American intelligence, the courts, Big Tech and the financial apparatus, Q had detailed how Hillary Clinton's opposition research compiled by Fusion GPS had been passed on to the Barack Obama Department of Just(Us) and used to wiretap Trump associates.

The MSM still does not report this, choosing instead to focus on the possibility of finding some sort of Trump/Russia collusion to bring down Trump. Even the release of Robert Mueller's report exonerating Trump has not stopped the MSM from advancing a collusion narrative.

Q also interprets/explains Trump actions, believing — if not outright stating — that Trump has a grand scheme to bring down the Deep State and all his actions are focused to that end.

Example: Q has stated that the removal of Jeanine Pirro's show from the FoxNews lineup and the hiring of Democrat operative Donna Brazile is a Trump-backed move to attract more leftists to Fox in order soften up the playing field as the Mueller report (Q believes Mueller is working for Trump, not against him, to destroy the Deep State) is released and more and more Deep State-damaging information is released.

That Q is a growing phenomenon is evidenced by the MSM's recent uptick in coverage of its intel drops. The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Week, The Daily Beast, Time magazine and Fox have all, within the past weeks, run with stories highlighting Q and its predictions and analyses.

Trump's election has clearly damaged the Deep State. When you look at the Deep State actors that have resigned in disgrace or been fired or outed as overtly working to overturn an American election — James Comey, Andrew McCabe, John Brennan, Peter Strzok, Sally Yates and Bruce Ohr among them — you can see the damage Trump has done within halls of power, particularly the entrenched bureaucracy of intelligence community.
Did Q have a hand in this?

The Mueller report is now done. What we've learned is that the only crime Trump committed was defeating Hillary Clinton. It was the Clinton campaign, aided and abetted by the Barack Obama Administration, the Clinton-friendly intelligence apparatus and a complicit propaganda media, who conspired with Russians to influence the election. Some of us recognized this from the beginning.

Yours for the truth,

Bob Livingston
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter™
The whole QAnon thing I am not so sure about. I will say you did lay out some interesting points that are compelling and hard to argue with.
Jul 2019
Yes. According to Q, Hillary Clinton has a secret cabal that is eating babies.

And they just can't figure out why they are being classified as a terrorist group

The FBI calls QAnon a domestic terror threat. Trump has amplified QAnon supporters on Twitter more than 20 times.
they also believe that trump is transmitting secret codes to them,

and that Hillary is the one who caused JFK Jr's plane to crash, trying to murder him, but he survived, and has been hiding in the shadows getting trump elected, so he can come back and lead the mass arrests of Hillary and all the evil deep state

they are a fascinating bunch
Jun 2018
South Dakota
I'm pretty conservative and for the life of me I can't recall hearing anything about "Q" in any conversations or articles from conservative site that I have visited. Everything I "know" about Q is what I hear on site like this from the hyper lib socialists. If they're a terrorist org they're pretty "Q' as in quiet and don't seem to have the high militant aggressive violent profile that say antifa does.
It really seems to be a construct of the left to offset their political violence arms.