These 10 states are the best places to live in America

Sep 2018
cleveland ohio
1. Vermont

Mike Brinson | The Image Bank | Getty Images
The Green Mountain State has America’s second-lowest violent-crime rate, a healthy population, a pristine environment and strong antidiscrimination laws to make sure all can enjoy the place. No wonder nearly 77 percent of those surveyed tell Gallup they feel “active and productive” — the highest rate in the nation. Vermont is not exactly a magnet for tourists, suggesting there may sometimes be a shortage of things to do. But Vermonters will tell you that is just part of the idyllic charm of America’s Top State to live in for 2018.
2018 Quality of Life score: 268 out of 300 points (Grade: A+)
Strengths: Well-being, low crime, health
Weakness: Attractions
2017 Quality of Life rank: No. 2
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Dec 2015
Some of these surveys make no sense. What about affordability?
Iowa and possibly North Dakota may be affordable, but none of the others on the list are. Hawaii?? Well, sure! If you've got tons of cash--go for it--although I'm not sure I'd want to live on a rock.
AND how many of us are crazy about dark, gray winter months--ice storms and mountains of snow? Not me. Been there. Done that. Enough.

Of course....there's always Mississippi. LMAO!