These are the victims of the mass shooting in Aurora, Illinois

May 2018
Yet another mass shooting. And nothing will change.

"Police have released the names of the victims in Friday's mass shooting in Aurora, Illinois.

Five people were killed when a man who was being let go from his job opened fire at the Henry Pratt Co. in the Chicago suburb.

Here's what we know about the people who died in the shooting:
• Trevor Wehner, a student at Northern Illinois University, was a human resources intern from Sheridan, Illinois. Friday was his first day as an intern at the company, according to a statement from the school's president. He was set to graduate in May with a degree in human resource management.

• Clayton Parks of Elgin, Illinois, was the human resources manager at Henry Pratt. He was also an alumnus of Northern Illinois University, the school's statement said. He graduated in 2014 from the College of Business.
According to a letter to employees from Scott Hall, the CEO of Mueller Water Products, which owned the Henry Pratt Co., Parks joined the company in November 2018.

• Russell Beyer was a mold operator from Yorkville, Illinois. He had worked for Henry Pratt for more than 20 years and was union chairman, Hall's letter said.

• Vicente Juarez from Oswego, Illinois, was a stockroom attendant and forklift operator at the company. According to Hall, he joined Henry Pratt in 2006.

• Josh Pinkard, also of Oswego, was the plant manager. He joined the company 13 years ago at a facility in Alabama, Hall's letter said. He moved to Aurora last spring.

Another employee and five police officers were wounded, according to Aurora police.
Their injuries aren't considered to be life-threatening, and they've received treatment at hospitals in the Chicago metro area.

The wounded officers range in age from 24 to 53, according to a news release, and have served in the police department from four to 30 years.

One officer was released from the hospital Friday, and another was set to be released Saturday, the news release said."
Dec 2006
New Haven, CT
Sadly, I've come full circle on the gun ban thing.
I have been so anti-gun for twenty years, I'm shocked to realize how far my feelings have swung in the other direction.
Once upon a time I was aghast at the murder by gun statistics in the various nations of the world - and how extremely out of sight America's were.
Then, when I found out that the murder by knife statistics in Great Britain, Japan and other countries where guns are banned, are just as high as America's murder by gun statistics.

Frankly, I'd rather get shot in the head than ripped open from gullet to groin, if I'm going to be murdered.
Jun 2018
South Dakota
Don’t worry. When the next president is in office (s)he can declare a national emergency and make all gun ownership illegal. That is one thing we can thank Trump for.
There is a constitutional challenge heading for the courts now in opposition to Trumps border emergency declaration. It is a very weak case that only has a chance of getting past the 9th circuit. The lawyers should, IMO, petition the Supremes to make a ruling on it now due to the fact that it's an emergency. I'm not betting that the libs won't go for it. It is a strong case that in the future can limit all the powers of the presidency to the point that the Executive becomes irrelevant. Be careful what you wish for, remember the problems that creating the environment where the nuclear option can be applied in the Senate?
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