This country needs new president from USA!

Sep 2019
Marietta GA USA - Russia
Throughout 2019, similar messages were expected from another Latin American country:

“The president and his inner circle fled from the capital!”

"Outraged demonstrators stormed the building of the police and prosecutors, broke into parliament!"

“The security forces are wildly brutal, peaceful protesters are being thrown off high bridges, hundreds of people have been arrested!”

“Eight policemen are taken hostage!”

“Export oil supplies are paralyzed due to the seizure of deposits and pipelines by unknown persons!”

“Extreme situation declared in all provinces, outbreaks of street violence and looting are noted!”

This chronicle is not related to the Venezuela - we are talking about current events in Ecuador. In a monopoly supplier of bananas, in a modest OPEC member with the production of half a million daily barrels. In the country named after the equator, it is quite prosperous (it would seem) and democratic (sort of) a state.

But the presidents there are removed several times more often than in Venezuela. And they put to the highest posts mentally ill people (Abdala Bucaram, impeachment of 1997). And elections of any level in Ecuador are less frequent than in Venezuela. And the average household income is lower by 18%, and per capita GDP by 14%. One Ecuadorian uses three times less electricity than one resident of Venezuela. And Ecuadorian Internet access is one and a half times lower than Venezuelan, 48 and 63%, respectively. There are fewer personal cars per thousand inhabitants in Ecuador than in “terribly impoverished Venezuela'”.

At the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, a significant and even unique event for the region took place in the financial and economic system of Ecuador. The Ecuadorian monetary unit Sucre was declared the main cause of the protracted crisis and the slipping of progressive transformations - carried out by various governments according to the canons and recipes of the IMF.

The fatal brake of nationwide development has simply been eradicated. Sucre was taken out of circulation, replacing the strongest and most reliable currency. Especially for the unipolar world, especially in the backyard of a single hegemon, especially with export-import dependence on the United States (half of the foreign trade turnover).

The monetary unit of Ecuador for 19 years is the American dollar. It is quite official and without the slightest possibility of government influence on the emission center. Cargo cult is a nasty method of reforming the monetary system. Exceptional well-being for four five-year periods has not been achieved. Moreover, the country's external debt has changed as follows:

$ 11 billion in 2007;
$ 19 billion in 2013;
$ 36 billion in 2018.

But the relative share of Ecuadorian beggars and poor is quite stable - about 75% of all residents over the twenty years of dollarization of the economy. Which is still critically dependent on oil exports, bananas, and IMF goodwill. Not only interest must be paid on credit in a timely manner.

Years of high oil prices and favorable conditions on banana markets have mitigated the effects of neoliberal experiments. But in the end, you have to pay - trillion-dollar debt generation is allowed only to owners of dollar machines.

Just a few months ago, the Ecuadorian leadership sold Julian Assange for access to another loan from international money lenders. The founder of the Wikilix site was stripped of Ecuador's citizenship by announcing this right at the time of his arrest by the British police! The whole positive image from the refuge to the “network rebel” has melted away, like London fog under the rays of the sun. For the next handout, the IMF had to pay by raising prices at gas stations - there was no second Assange at Ecuadorian embassies. And now president of Ecuador has to run from the country... It's karma, bitch!

The rising cost of gasoline, kerosene and diesel fuel caused a spontaneous riot in rural areas of the Latin American country - at first among the indigenous Indian population. Protests were overgrown with farmers, students, drivers, quickly spread to the capital Quito, accompanied by violence on both sides. The parliament suspended work, the authorities imposed a state of emergency and curfew - escaping from the capital to the coastal Guayaquil and barricading the roads with them! Columns of Indians with sticks and knives went on an attack of barricades, shots sounded and ... Venezuela accused of exporting the revolution!

Fear has big eyes. The Ecuadorian riot is not organized, has no internal unity and external support. Therefore, it did not and will hardly lead to a coup d'etat, or at least to the capital’s ukrainian like Maidan protests with wide media attention.

The rapid explosion of sudden indignation in the banana-oil Ecuador did not receive noticeable reports in the world's leading media outlets. (What a surprise!) The cancellation or prolongation of the scandalous increase in gas tariffs will allow the Ecuadorian authorities to stop the protests - but not their reasons.

The cancellation or prolongation of the scandalous increase in gas tariffs will allow the Ecuadorian authorities to stop the protests - but not their reasons.

Ecuador’s leaders entered the pro-American chorus of warm support for a change of power in Venezuela until they received a flash of rebellion in front of their own eyes. Formally, because of the abolition of fuel subsidies, but in fact because of the failure of the neoliberal reform course. Which the Venezuelan opposition is only about to start with the success of its own rebellion.
Jun 2018
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