This Headline Is Describing the President of the United States. Does the GOP Really Truly Sincerely NOT CARE?!?!?

Jun 2012
I am pretty sure the argument is policy, not the substance of the policy, which is a failure.

I am pretty sure that the 54,000 school cafeteria employees who urged Trump to eliminate the program would be the reason rathe than because Obama did it.

The federal government takes ransom money from the states, then threatens to withhold giving some of it back to the schools if the schools do not offer lunches that end up in the trash. That seems like the federal government that was created under the Constitution.
Dec 2013
Beware of watermelons
Whenever Melania gets a law passed in Congress that affects the entire nation, she has not infused herself in policy. Obama's school lunch law was an unmitigated disaster.
That was a complete disaster. Totally fucked school lunches.
Dec 2013
Beware of watermelons
Yeah, damn, what was with ol' Michelle's trying to make kids' meals better for them??

Give the brats corn dogs and tater tots with a soda and be done with it. The kids will love ya, and also, for some kids it'll be just like the good food mama puts on the table
It specifically regulated what the schools could serve for lunch. If kids just wanted to grab a banana or apple in the morning. No, they had to take the entire breakfast. milk, cereal or bagel, fruit and juice (not sure about the juice) this at first created a "free table" where the kids would just dump the stuff that they didn't want making a free snack bar for the day. The school killed that.

Then there were the lunches, again strictly portion controlled. Kids were buying 2 or 3 lunches. These were not "fat" kids but growing teenagers and/or kids on sports teams requiring more energy. The portion control also forced schools to outsource the lunch program, trays came in pre packaged and the lunch ladies basicly just handed them out.

Another example of people in suits thousands of miles away coming up w/ a good idea for millions of people that they know nothing about.

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