This isn't the Conservative Revolution that the right want to claim it is

Sep 2018
cleveland ohio
The Protests in France everyone want to say this is a right wing death blow to globalism.. i'm not even sure what globalism is.. its evidently a bit different than internationalism , I dont think i'm really either, i'm not really a marxist other than a groucho marxist Right-wing nationalists claim French rioters are on their side. Don’t buy it.
everyone wants credit and it isnt that easy

The protesters themselves have indicated that they are not governed by one political ideology, but instead by an amorphous fury at Macron’s failures. “There was a big range of political views on the same barricade — from leftwingers to ecologists opposed to nationalism to people who had voted for nationalism in the form of Marine Le Pen,” Guardian Paris bureau chief Angelique Chrisafis tweeted. “All said they were united in fury at Macron’s way of running France… they said at home he was alienating so many people that he was pushing people towards populism.”
The yellow vest protests are bringing down the center in France, and everyone wants credit