Those cheating Dems.

Nov 2005
Did you read your own article?

The key points:
A top Democrat on Tuesday threatened not to seat the Republican winner in a closely contested North Carolina House race when the new Congress takes power in January, citing allegations of "serious fraudulent activity" involving possible ballot harvesting.
But in North Carolina, state law still prohibits anyone other than a voter or a close family member from mailing in or dropping off that voter's ballot.​
In California, it's legal.
In North Carolina, it's NOT legal.
That is the problem at hand for North Carolina.

What you just did is like pointing to a car going 65 MPH (in a 65 MPH zone) and then pointing to a person getting a ticket for going 40 MPH in a 35 MPH zone to try to complain about the 65 MPH zone. :rolleyes:
Dec 2015
It's sad to see what passes for "debate" these days, isn't it? When shown they are wrong, people simply say they don't believe the evidence right before their eyes. Instead, what they should be saying is, "Hey, thanks for the information, I wasn't aware of that before. Seems I was mistaken."

HAAA....oh Lee. That was so cute. AS IF THAT has EVER *EVER* happened on DTT. The debate tactics on DTT (with exceptions) are Trumpian in nature: LIES, denials, reversals, LIES, canned responses, unsubstantiated claims, LIES, biased sources/no sources, blame Obama, blame Hillary, LIES, blame the media, 3rd-grade grammar, 3rd-grade spelling, 3rd-grade vocabulary.

One of my favorite tactics is the oh-so-lovable Authoritarian Personality Syndrome. It's so entertaining when we GET to hear the inside story on what Bob Mueller is doing and planning--what evidence he has and does not have.
I also enjoy the Social Hierarchy Approach--those generalizations (using the word "ALL") and stereotypes, because let's face it. Some folks are just low-status and don't deserve the time of day.
Here's another one that's fun--the Deprivation Affliction. It refers to the experience of being deprived of something to which one believes they are entitled. In other words, "IT'S NOT FAIR" or the ever-popular "Mexicans are taking our jobs away"--not that I wanted that job, but I might have wanted that job.

Thanks, Bobby Azarian Ph.D.
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