Thoughts on Structuring (IT) Similar to (PT)?

Dec 2017
Thoughts on Structuring (IT) Similar to (PT)?

*(IT) = Intellectual Training
(PT) = Physical Training

The Main Idea:

Physical training (PT) is structured is separated into different parts--that is, (a) Strength (b) Speed/Jumping (c) Flexibility/Mobility (d) Endurance/Cardiovascular (e) Specific Skillsets. Overwhelmingly, training is organized into exercises, sets, and reps. Also, different method of structuring the session are employed, such as direct, circuit training, etc. This has overwhelmingly been shown to be extremely effective in building the body up rather than not having a plan, that is sensible and rooted in principles.

Now, what if a similar approach were utilized with Intellectual training? That is, (a) "Strength" [Complexity of argument followed and raw processing power given no time limit] (b) "Speed" [How quickly the mind accurately computes information] (c) "Endurance" [Increase your mental "fuel tank"] (d) "Mobility" [Ability to quickly jump from one mental task to another differing task] (e) Creativity (f) Specific Skillsets.

In practice, these are potential sample exercises for each could include (though, of course, not limited to): (a) Difficult Math, Physics, or Chemistry problems (b) Solving mild to easy Math-type problems quickly, getting through as many as possible in a given time constraint (c) (i) Read a long book like "Lord of the Rings" or "War and Peace", see how much you can get through in a sitting (ii) Do an exercise where the word and color mismatch in a column of words, and say the color or words in the list mentally/out-loud for as possible before getting exhausted, and keep pushing back that limit (d) Jump from one exercise to another (e) Artistic endeavor (f) Specific skillsets

Then, one could have (IT) "strength" training sessions, or "speed", "endurance", etc. or train all in one session with Circuit training techniques--which would most definitely trigger rapid neuroplastic adaptations.


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