Thoughts on US Foreign Policy?

Sep 2018
cleveland ohio
we never learn to mind our own business, we should be in nato we should not be in the middle east we should mind our biusiness unless we are threateend then? well
Oct 2010
Every nation that has adopted a foreign policy of Our Way or the Highway has spectacularly failed.

This is Trump's foreign policy.
Dec 2017

I would tend to agree with that. One, among others, main issues with the 'world police' foreign policy is like butter scraped over too much bread. It is not possible for one nation to successfully police many others, as well as its own, and do a good job with it. Further, people here have extremely strong & mixed feelings toward our own police, question the rules, enforcement, potential corruption, etc. etc. Now, those issues become greatly exacerbated when instituting a foreign police presence on a population, from a very different culture with differing rules and regulations, as well as less available avenues for the native residents to file complaints against rules, corruption, failings, etc.--which creates further animosity.
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Dec 2017
@Sabcat, others

Further, why not delegate more attention to police training at home before considering abroad? That is, a standard military member receives 3 months of basic training, and then another 4-5+ months doing combat, mos, etc. training, (as well as OCS, for Officers) with real standards in place. Conversely, the Police force physical "standards" and preparation is severely lacking, with high consequences. Bench pressing 50% of ones body weight is not a "standard", nor is 16+ minute 1.5 mile, etc. etc. The issue is, people who fit that mark, have no choice but to pull out their gun as a first & last resort as they would be unable to wrestle/control anyone nor chase down on foot--as well as a generally higher stress level for all interactions due to lower competence. Or, as in the case posted in a recent thread, stay out of the conflict all together, contrary to the job title.
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Mar 2013
Middle Tennessee
We spend more on our military than the next 6 or 7 countries COMBINED !!! I say let the rest of the world fend for itself. Bring our troops home, reduce the budgets and concentrate on protecting our borders rather than using the military to police some corporation's financial interest. Especially since those same corps are now paying less, by percentage, in taxes than most of us.
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