To Go, Or To Stay, Is The Question?

May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.
I am certain this country’s allies will pitch in a lot faster in an all-out war against two Communist countries than they will in another Peace Without Victory war.
David Archibald is right about U.S. allies:

In preparation for that war, the anti-China forces will attempt to shrink the Chinese economy using trade restrictions, starting with the Trump administration's effort to reduce the U.S. trade deficit with China. The front-line states in East Asia of Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan realize the necessity of this. The traditional European naval powers of the U.K. and France also realize that China must be contained. Both countries have announced that they will be conducting freedom of navigation exercises in the South China Sea.​

Archibald is dead wrong about the end of globalism.

The coming war with China will mark the end of globalism.​

June 8, 2018
China and the Clash of Civilizations
By David Archibald

A global government administered by the United Nations is the accurate definition of globalism regardless of how dictionaries define it. Worse still, a one government world is inevitable when the U.S. & Allies fight for the U.N. That is where the coming war is headed if Trump is calling the shots.

NOTE: Media mouths told us that the Chicago sewer rat’s concern for his foreign policy legacy resting on the Iran Deal. The only legacy he ever wanted was the one he was striving towards from the day he took office —— being instrumental in handing this country’s sovereignty to the United Nations. Just imagine him dreaming about being remembered as the Father of Global Government. That would surely put George Washington in his place. The sewer rat blew it. Sad to say the rodent passed the baton to Donald Trump who running towards the finish line with all possible speed.

Incidentally, President Hillary Clinton and Secretary General Bill Clinton were going to save the world together.

The global government crowd had so much time and money invested in the Clinton dream of President Hillary Clinton and Secretary General Bill Clinton saving the world together sent them in a tailspin when their plan was sidetracked by the sewer rat in 2008.

Hillary’s bid for the White House was the last chance for President Hillary Clinton and U.N. Secretary General Bill Clinton to rule the world together. The Clinton dream finally came to an end in November 2016. Nobody in the media stopped crying long to report that those two would have finished off this country as a sovereign nation had she won.

Before the Clinton dream makes you puke remember that Obama also sent his résumé to the New World Order crowd.

Washington rumor has it that Obama wants to be U.N. Secretary General.

There are several reasons that make that likely, and if it's true, it throws new light on a lot of Obama's oddities -- including his Royalty Bows, his Apology Tours, his Muslim Sellout, and the Benghazi Cover-Up.​

May 25, 2013
Benghazi and Obama's Ambition to Be U.N. SecGen
By James Lewis

Stopping the spread of Communism in Korea was the right thing to do. President Truman was wrong going through the U.N.

Vietnam was another ball game. The U.N. did not sanction the Vietnam War; so American Communists jumped at the chance to tear this country apart over Vietnam. Bringing defeat to their own country remains the high point of their sorry lives.

Communism’s defenders ——combined with the U.N.’s increasing influence over this country’s affair —— have a lot more influence today than they had during the Vietnam War.

I have one thing to say to Americans of military age: They better be damn certain they are fighting for their country and not the United Nations before they risk their lives.

p.s. Conscientious objector my ass. This guy would not fight against Communism à la Vietnam War sign carriers:

Spenser Rapone — the Army soldier who became notorious after a picture of him in his West Point uniform holding a “Communism Will Win” sign went viral — was discharged from the Army this month, according to social media postings.

Rory Fanning, a former Army Ranger and conscientious objector, tweeted on Tuesday that he was sitting down and interviewing Rapone for an event called: “Socialism 2018: A War Resister in the Ranks,” scheduled for July 5.​

Ex-Ranger: ‘Communism Will Win’ Soldier Discharged from Army
by Christina Wong
7 Jun 2018

Ex-Ranger: 'Communism Will Win' Soldier Discharged from Army
May 2018
Hey Flanders.....

You realize that's all opinion, right? Most of it based on shaky, conspiratorial theories? With no proof?

In short, what you just posted is about as factual as watching "Bambi" with my 7 year old niece.