To Hell With Freedom Of Speech!

Aug 2019
De Congo
I demand an even more basic and necessary right. The right to speak the truth! Too bad there isn't a forum out there where that can be done. I don't expect it to be allowed here by me for long. I was just banned for two weeks from debate politics. Apparently I was being indirectly offensive. (And had threads deleted) But either directly or indirectly, if you aren't free to say things that some might find to be "offensive," you aren't free to say anything at all. Even though what many people have to say offends the hell out of me. But as long as it doesn't offend their jewish masters, that's all that matters.
...but I thought it was the Germans who controlled all forms of mass media including the internet...?
Dec 2018
Not that I disagree with you. But what is it about modern culture that you find degenerate. Next, you are right to oppose racism. Because racism doesn't exist. Because race doesn't exist. Species does. "Race" is just a politically correct term for species. Apart from that, you SHOULD be speciest. Being otherwise is being a treasonous scumbag. Because the basic rule of belonging to any species is to support your species. That is the whole reason for your existence. Next, if you aren't jewish and are radically jewish, you're an idiot. At best. The jews consider themselves to be "the chosen of god." Basically what that means is that if you aren't jewish, you are shit. For example, there was an American reporter named Ann Barker in israel who found herself near some hacidic jewish demonstration. She took an involuntary spit shower for not being jewish.

Also, jews suck baby cock! If you don't believe it, I could show you the pictures. It is done as part of a bris ritual. But at the end of the day, there is still a baby cock in somebody's mouth and it is being sucked off! Not all of them do. But the ones that don't aren't exactly all up in arms against those that do. (If at all)

Another thing is that jews are responsible for the greatest mass genocide in human history! 80 to 100 million DEAD!!!! Next, Christians are idiots. But they are better that muslims. Mohammed personally cut off 600 to 900 people's heads with a knife. I could go on and on about them. But if you are tolerated by them, or attempt to be, you again are a fool. Because though they will tell you differently, because their religion tells them to lie to the infidels, you deserve to be a slave or dead if you don't follow islam. Have I told you enough so far?
You remind me of someone...