Tonight I lose My Freedom. "Stay Home/Work Safe" ordered by County Judge Lena Hidalgo.


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Apr 2013
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I did not access anything. I just did a screenshot. You might want to get that glitch fixed. But while you are at it, you might as well explain why you stopped those posts.

Selfish and dangerous to who? People have a right to chose what they believe and what they don't.
OK, people choose to believe that you wandering around at will infecting and killing them is wrong and shouldn't be allowed.
Mar 2020
Land of Freedom
By your own admittance, people should not be allowed to believe whatever they want. What is next? They should not be allowed to believe in Trump because it is dangerous too?
Jul 2019

Don't get me wrong, I totally believe your job is on the "essential" list. You don't want to say what it is, I'm guessing because it so lame that it would never be on an essential list in a non-manufactured crises.

What percent of people have jobs on the "essential list?" I'd guess in the neighborhood of thirty percent (wild guess, you disagree tell me why). Another thirty percent can work from home. So of course y'all are happy. You get to keep working and you're still going to get your $1,200. Any plans for it?
Oh yeah. I got plans for it, big plans. I ain't going to turn down trump's socialism.
Jul 2019

Since you're working when so many others are not, I thought you might say that you will be giving it to a more needy person.
no but I will be helping people in need with it :)

not sure I'm going to get the full stack.2 though
still I can turn whatever I get into good

I think my ex might get the $500 for our son, which is some BS
since I pretty much have him full time now

however I'll still accept trump's socialism, whatever the amount be