Top ten rap lyricists (bottom is number one)

Aug 2018
This is myself, I am putting myself here because I am very good.
I like this guy a lot because his style is so unique and he merges rap with psycadelic techno music
One of the few rappers who regularly references quantum physics and astronomy. He is not particular advanced in the art of rap in and of itself, but his subject matter is great.
Immortal Technique is one of the best political rappers.
Now we are getting into the highly advanced league, Tech N9ne is the master of flow specifically, many rappers are better than him in other ways but he has the greatest ability to make his raps glide over the beat.
The last verse on this song says it all.
Anilyst - Take Away
Insane rhymes and flow
Canibus - Lunar Deluge (Lyrics)
Canibus is more of a poet than a rapper in a lot of ways, this entire song is an elusive metaphor
Eminem "Speedom" Verse with lyrics
No one rhymes like Eminem
K-Rino - Duality (Lyrics)
K Rino is all around the best rapper. Rhymes like Eminem, flows like Tech N9ne, and he's as deep as anyone else on this list.