Jun 2013
1. The fortune of Huawei takes a deep plunge after the detention of its CFO in Canada on December 1 last year. More and more countries, under the pressure of the US, ban the use of its 5G components on allegation that the company is spying for China.

In the latest development, US Senator Tom Cotton even threatened the Huawei CFO with the death penalty: "Huawei is effectively an intelligence-gathering arm of the Chinese Communist Party whose founder and CEO was an engineer for the People’s Liberation Army. If Chinese telecom companies like Huawei violate our sanctions or export control laws, they should receive nothing less than the death penalty - which this denial order would provide.”

2. So far the detention of the Huawei CFO has become a diplomatic spat between China and Canada. Now it should be obvious which country is the mastermind behind the detention and the plot to wreck the Chinese economy.

By now, China should start taking action to aim at that country with full blast in its counterattack.

3. Here I coin the term "trudeau" (taken from the name of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Pierre James Trudeau) as a verb to mean the following:

(a) Focus on the wrong target.

(b) Pay attention to trivial issues instead of the crux of the matter.

(c) Can't see the forest for the trees, that is, focus only on small details and fail to understand larger plans or principles.

4. Here are some examples of the use of the new term:

(i) See what you have been trudeauing, you have been taking a long time just to take a photograph of my chest instead of my face.

(ii) The police inspector scolded his staff: "What a fool you are! Instead of going after the mafia boss, you trudeau by bringing back this petty thief.

(iii) Why are you hitting the cobra's tail? Don't trudeau! Smash its head! Quick!

(iv) Instead of solving the country's urgent economic problems, the president wastes his time trudeauing on getting fund for building the wall.

(v) They trudeau the whole morning arguing about petty cash and overlooking the budget in the meeting.

P.S. Past tense and past participle of the verb "trudeau" are still "trudeau".
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