Trump administration announces rule that could limit legal immigration

May 2018
The lowest number of crossings in 50 years. Although looking it up for clarification it appears it's around a 46 to 48 year low. This is according to the Trump administration

Arrests For Illegal Border Crossings Hit 46-Year Low
Cons simply believe what they're told. Tell them that people seeking asylum are "invaders" and they'll buy it every time. I'm getting damn tired of people not using their brains. Aren't you?
Dec 2015
Inspirational to whom? To those who want to use that poem to further their hold on power? It most certainly doesn't apply to Americans in the 21st century. In case you haven't noticed, the need for indigent, unskilled and uneducated workers ended long ago.
Shouldn't you be stocking up on canned goods in your basement?
Dec 2012
I'm discussing the issue. I haven't had to spin a damn thing. You just stated what all of knew all along- you're against most immigration, legal or otherwise. Is there something that is untrue about that statement? You also only want people to immigrate that you approve of, yes or no? Those seeking asylum also need not apply, yes or no?

What am I spinning?
I'm strictly against illegal immigration, and for limited, merit based immigration. Your NOT...what a surprise. Those seeking asylum was not discussed but, you had no problem entering into the discussion as though that subject could be used against conservatives. I'm for legitimate asylum seekers. Those falsely claiming asylum should lose any future chance of legal immigration.
Dec 2012
As it is, we already make it so only those with financial means can come here legally. It can cost thousands of dollars in attorneys and other fees to allowed to come here legally. This is why so many sneak in and why the "they should just come here legally" argument is silly, since they don't have the money or means to do so
So, coming here is dependent upon subsidies from taxpayers who are already paying to much in taxes. If they don't have the economic means they shouldn't be coming. If a business wants an employee from a foreign country then let that company pay for it. Don't ask already overburdened taxpayers to do it.