Trump administration announces rule that could limit legal immigration

May 2018
I'm strictly against illegal immigration, and for limited, merit based immigration. Your NOT...what a surprise. Those seeking asylum was not discussed but, you had no problem entering into the discussion as though that subject could be used against conservatives. I'm for legitimate asylum seekers. Those falsely claiming asylum should lose any future chance of legal immigration.
So do you think that people fleeing oppression from Central America are legitimate asylum seekers? Yes or no?
Aug 2019
De Congo
Our population has more than doubled in my lifetime and it has harmed our way of life on several levels.
We have already bit off more than we can chew with extra overburden to our society...only NWO Brainwashed Sheeple believe it is their duty as "Citizens of the Earth" to welcome more competition for limited resources for their Grandchildren to cope with. many of the NWO Brainwashed Multiculturalist Sheeple are for one reason or another Genetic Dead Ends that any concerns about saddling the next generation with unnecessary competition for resources simply does not exist.
Social Engineers are working day and night to transform the USA population into one where White people have a much less dominant role and the first step has been to convince the latest generations of pathetically raised White Kids to be ashamed of their heritage and to make it fashionable to "Embrace Cultural Diversity" for diversity's sake.
Those who control the mass media and it's flow of multiculturalist propaganda to their flock of White Sheeple do not subscribe to any of this multiculturalist "we are all the same family" nonsense in there privately gated lives one iota.