Trump asks for divine aid on first full day in office

Jun 2013
Donald Trump prays for his presidency at service n D.C | Daily Mail Online

President Trump and the First Lady attend prayer service at Washington National Cathedral
Multifaith prayers include Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Hindu invocations asking for aid for new president
The president's daughter Ivanka walked in with her daughter

Trump's inaugural committee said today's 'interfaith ceremony will be in keeping with the uniting and uplifting inaugural events, demonstrating President-elect Trump's commitment to be president for all Americans.'

In keeping with theme of inclusivity, Muslim religious leaders were also invited to speak at the service.

Todd Christopherson, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles Mormon church delivered a prayer on behalf of the new president.
'Oh Lord God, our heavenly father, whose glory is in all the world. we commend this nation to thy merciful care, that being guarded by thy providence, we may dwell secure in thy peace.
'Grant to President Donald John Trump, president of the United States, and to all in your authority thy grace and favored, give them wisdom and strength to know and to do thy will,' he said.
'Imbue with thy heavenly gifts, fill them with the love and truth of righteousness, and make them every mindful of their calling to serve this people, in thy fear through Jesus Christ our lord who lives and reigns with thee, one god, world without end.'
Sajid Tar, American Muslims for Trump founder, said a prayer for Trump, as well.
Presidential Inaugural Committee CEO Sara Armstrong said in a statement, 'It is fitting that President-elect will begin his inauguration week with a salute to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, and end the week in prayerful reflection at the National Prayer Service.
President Trump 'is humbled to pause and join with leaders from many different faith traditions represented in our country to ask His blessings for peace and prosperity for our country,' Armstrong said.
The Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde, the Episcopal bishop of Washington, is giving the welcome remarks and benediction.
Donald Cardinal Wuerl, Catholic archbishop of Washington, D.C. will say a prayer for the nation at the end of the ceremony.
Rev. Darrell Scott, a vice chair of Trump's transition and the head of his National Diversity Coalition, will dismiss prayer service participants.
Dr. Alveda King, a niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, is among the religious leaders attending.
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Jan 2016
No Name City
I am a non believer but found this very uplifting. I do enjoy being around spiritual people so I go to different churches several times a year to get a sense of community, singing and the hugging of neighbors and acquaintances.

No other place can you get this, at least for me.


Forum Staff
Oct 2010
According to Trump's spiritual advisor, Paula White, he's a saved Christian.

According to Trump, he's never asked God for forgiveness, or at least he doesn't remember doing so. Listen:

A saved Christian who's never asked for forgiveness.....
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Mar 2010
north east usa
trump is acting like another hitler
make a wall on the mexico border then send all Mexicans back to mexico
that are waiting to be americaan.
but what about Mexicans who come to the usa and have kids with a American
woman. are those kids born American. I don't remember all of this.
do the kids stay. does the father go. is there a time limit where something
protects the father from being sent back. my niece married him
he was born in mexico
and have kids.
Mar 2010
north east usa
making a little correction
my niece. married him and have kids in the usa
he was born in mexico
Jul 2016
Trump is like that Pharisee in the parable, who dresses in his finest robes, prays out loud for all to hear, makes a vulgar show of his charity - and doesn't mean a word of it.
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