Trump declares national emergency over threats against US technology

Jun 2018
South Dakota
It's pretty clear that he did this to emphasize the importance of getting the tariff fight settled. Libs sould line up behind him on this one because the Intellectual property that is stolen so easily is in many cases owned by Hollywood, and Silicone valley which is infested with uberlibs. In fact I think that the intellectual property issues is a huge sticking point with the Chinese and he's holding to fixing it. It was a campaign promie unless I miss my guess.
Apr 2013
La La Land North
And trade wars are easy to win, right? And it will hurt China so much worse than the US, right.

Talked to any farmers lately?

Do you like all that socialism of giving farmers your money?

So many questions, so few answers.
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Dec 2013
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IP is trash law IMO

That being said look into the guy who invented the hover board. He filed for patent here in the states and thru that the Chinese got the plans beating him to market w/ shitty versions of his own product that started bursting into flames.

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