Trump dishes on Ivanka's 'brand' taking a hit since coming to Washington

Oct 2010
So you don't hate Trump? You just observe? You don't post angry words regarding Trump and those that surround him? It is okay to hate him as he himself is clearly responsible for causing people to hate him to the point they would not acknowledge him as "my President. He lies. He brags. He has almost no command of English vernacular so half of the time people have to use a decoder card or argue over what he is trying to say. He is a pig with no social skills worthy of someone born in a first world nation. He insults people at whim and is known to hate fat women and fat shames them even though he himself is almost at the obese level. He picks on handicapped people and Mexicans. He throws children into cages. He employs a bunch of goons called ICE.

In short, it is nearly impossible to list all the reasons to hate Trump and he only has himself to blame for just being a jackass worthy of every single ounce of hate hurled at him by people other than stupid old white men (besides for Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden). But seriously, you are going tell me that Ivanka's lost of product sales is not due to hatred for her father when I am in no way in this thread standing up for Donald J. Trump? Remind me the terrible things she had done to get her products removed from chain stores?
I've addressed your question, and I agree with you. From upthread:

"It's true that Ivanka's sin is having Trump for a dad."

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