Trump & Epstein: Trump hosted an exclusive party with Jeffrey Epstein at his Mar-a-Lago estate. It was just the 2 of them and '28 girls.'

Jun 2018
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Color anyone be unsurprised by yet another posting of random unsubstantiated BS hit article as fact?

I don't like Trump, but you and your ilk just keep galvanizing his base to get him reelected with constant bullshit and uncontrolled or reasoned TDS. If he is reelected in 2020, feel free to enjoy the glory of your work. Somewhere there are idiots that truly believe that despite all the hatred and outrage against Trump, some super uber sick shit that went on between Trump and Epstein never saw airtime and nary but an occasional passing mention until all of a sudden now when CLINTON is implemented.

You guys really need to coordinate the TDS more effectively. And get a candidate that can defeat him. If that is not accomplished in 2020, I'm done with thatice Democratic Party and all of you Trump ranting clowns with no solution. I've been a registered Dem since 1982. what you and the Dems here today rant. preach, and push for openly are nothing close to what my parents believed in and voted for.
In the real world that Trump lovers deny the existence of, this is not a new story. It has to do with a lawsuit filed in 2016:

This Lawsuit Proves Donald Trump's Racism Is Way Worse Than You Thought

"The Boston Globe yesterday reported on an interview with Rhonda Noggle, a model who was part of a 1992 Trump-inspired competition called American Dream Calendar Girls. This was Trump’s debut in the pageant business. Noggle notes that she was part of “Trump’s little-known dalliance with a pin-up competition,” when she–as part of a festive group of contestants accompanied by Trump–piled into a limo “embarking on a circuit of exclusive clubs after a sumptuous dinner at the Plaza Hotel’s Oak Room.” Trump apparently decided to discuss his views on dating, declaring “all women are bimbos,” (sound familiar) and most were “gold diggers, who would be smart to go after men with money. Like him.” Noggle says she asked for the limo to be pulled to the curb. Before stepping out, she said of Trump: “I told him I would rather be with a trash man who respected me than someone who was a rich, pompous ass…And I got out. And I took a cab ride home.”

Not surprisingly, Trump has no recollection of the incident. Noggle’s account foreshadowed other allegations of misogyny and racial bias. Trump’s foray into American Dream Calendar Girls began as a partnership between George Houraney and Jill Harth, who operated the pageant. Eager to tap into the “glitz of Trump and his casinos. It ended in a bitter, drawn-out legal battle when the planned partnership crumbled after the first pageant.” Houraney and Harth alleged in court documents that Trump cheated them out of $250,000 fee and deprived them of up to $5 million in future business.” The case was settled in 1997.

However, at that time Harth had filed a related lawsuit detailing Trump’s alleged sexual misbehavior. Trump apparently asked Houraney who was married to Harth if he, Trump, was sleeping with her for the night. The suit also alleges:

“…that after a business meeting in January 1993, at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, Trump forcibly prevented [Harth Houraney] from leaving and forcibly removed [her] to a bedroom, where he subjected her to his unwanted sexual advances, which included touching of [her] private parts in an act constituting attempted ‘rape.”​
Feb 2019
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Why don't we wait to see what the evidence says before casting aspersions?
Because this is yet another angle to try and bring down Trump.

The sad part is, this is probably the only reason people care about the story since everyone has known for some time about Epstein as he seemingly had engaged in this kind of behavior with impunity in the past, as he hung around people like Bill Clinton.

In fact, I would also asset that the only reason people cared about Weinstein was because they felt it was a way to generate public support against womanizers in an attempt to attack Trump. And how that that attempt has fizzled, so has the uproar about Weinstein who will never face jail time.
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Riiiiight. I noticed you forgot to give us a list of Obama's links to criminals. We won't be getting that list, will we buddy?
This thread is about Trump and his connection to Epstein. It's not about Obama.

He also threw Epstein out of Maralago, and the left wing media ignored Epstein for over a decade because he was a Democrat. You left that part out. Why did you lie to us buddy?
Where is the proof of throwing Epstein out?

This thread is not about Epstein and the media. Not talking about non-topical crap you want to derail the thread onto is not a lie.