Trump: "I'm an environmentalist"

Jul 2019
the chosen environmentalist is at it again

what's crazy about this

Several of the world’s biggest fossil fuel companies, including Exxon, Shell and BP, have opposed the rollback and urged the Trump administration to keep the current standards in place.

so basically, these companies can see past the shortsighted goal of "owning the libs" and can see the negative long term effects of rolling back these policies.


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What is funny to me is that several big international oil companies have joined an organization that is working to reduce carbon emissions. Some were due to shareholder activism, some can just see the writing on the wall and are moving that way. So far the proposals are less stringent than what Obama set, but way better than Trump's watered down version.

I can't find the links to this organization right now.
May 2018
There is quite the twitter discussion right now among WH reporters about how Reagan's Alzheimer's was well known long before he left office but the press then too was either too polite or too afraid. The speculation is that in Reagan's time it was too polite, in Trump's time it is too afraid.
Given his low numbers, no one should be afraid.
Sep 2019
Trump made a very untrue comment (*gasp*) in response to a question at the g7 this week. Saying that

"I'm an environmentalist"


Do you remember when he denied climate change even existed multiple times? Or the 83 times he rolled back environmental regulations?

Not to mention the fact that he didn't attend the g7 climate meeting and his excuse doesn't add up.

Naaaaaaahhhhh, he's an environmentalist now! Come on everyone! let's go watch all the Trumpanzees scour the internet for even the tiniest example of Trump doing something even remotely positive for the environment.
trump can't spell "environmentalist" or pronounce it! A staff member wrote that for him most likely
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